Saturday, February 21, 2015

Flood drive!! and a gas station (Servo) visit :)

So Kim and I needed to get out. We felt a bit cooped up with all this crazy weather. We went for a drive and saw some crazy flooding and some creepy creatures. We also stopped at a gas station (Servo). I think I made the cashier at the servo a bit nervous as I was walking around taking pictures of things I thought were neat and different :) Then I think she was put at ease when I cashed out and she realized I am American not just a crazy lady haha

So the flooding is crazy and pushing creatures out! I did get a little nervous when I accidentally leaned on a post without looking. Kim was like "Sarah move now"... she said it very calmly... I moved and looked back and saw so many creatures including a giant brown recluse spider!!!!


Well I guess I still need to get used to the whole... 'everything can kill you' thing. I have my eyes open and I am being very cautious now. That was scary! In the mean time I will continue to take pictures and enjoy the little differences in culture that make Australia so interesting!

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