Monday, March 30, 2015

Sunday study day/ hike Mt. Coolum - Monday SCHOOL

Sunday was nice sleep in kind of day after a long weekend. :) I skyped with Chelle and Linda and my parents. Most of the day was devoted to school though. I did a good amount of studying for my 'midterm' and I completely changed my poster for my sustainability class. Then we went hiking again at Mt. Coolum. I love that hike it is not terribly hard, hell people run it all the time and time themselves, but it always takes my breath. Ugh I am just not used to that type of movement I guess. It is always really fun though.

Then we went back home. WE ordered pizza for the first time here... be aware... it is a pretty unorganized process and VERY expensive.

After the pizza it was time to get back to work. I worked on my poster. I decided to change it because I just knew that I would have to battle everyone in my class. I am not afraid of a little battle but honestly when it can be avoided why fight?! My original topic was in support of safe fracking in PA. I believe it can be done safely. I also believe there are better alternatives to be found than natural gas but until then natural gas is still heaps better than coal! We have to keep the world going 'round!

I decided instead to look into chemical dumping in water bodies in PA. This spurred me on to do more research into the area that I live. I looked into a superfund that I knew happened in the 70's ish where my parents are from. I knew they brought the hazmat team. It was called the Bruin lagoon. The site began operating during the 1930s as a disposal site for petroleum refining wastes. Until the 1970s, Bruin Lagoon was used for the disposal of wastes from mineral oil production, motor oil reclamation, crude storage tanks, and spent bauxite from mineral oil infiltration. The primary contaminants at the site were sulfuric acid, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and heavy metals. In 1980, the lagoon overflowed, spilling approximately 3,000 gallons of acidic sludge into Bear Creek which borders the east side of the site. The spill killed more than three million fish in Bear Creek and the Allegheny and Ohio rivers. That is pretty crazy! Right in our back yard. Also why was there little to no news on this??!

Then I looked into the town on fire that is less 2 hours from where I live. I kept researching superfunds. Oh btw we live in 2 active ones at Letterkenny? Ok. Nice to know. Anyway needless to say I was pretty ovewhelmed and took a break to take a walk and talk to Jaksen.

This morning I had my first test. It was a 'midterm' for HRM 211 Staffing & Remuneration. I was really nervous honestly. It is my first test in Australia!! The class usually starts at 8 but she said we would start the test at 830 so that if you are running late etc. you won't be late. I got there at 810 thinking I was 20 minutes early... nope. I was 10 minutes late for a 30 minute review. That would have been nice to know as I was sitting on campus since 745 anyway! Ugh. Good news though! I do think the test went well. So I guess we shall see. Also I saw some crazy food while in the cafe. AND I saw this kangaroo sign... how did I not see this before?

After that I assumed we would have class since the test was only 40 minutes long. Nope. Wrong again. This worked out though. I got to meet with my group for the MGT 130 project. It was slightly less painful today. We actually accomplished some stuff :) We did a bit of storming as a group and I did a lot of holding my tongue.... but now we have a direction and we have started the actual paper.

After that I think I was confused. I may have unintentionally skipped my tutorial for HRM 211. I usually go there directly after lecture. So I was all out of whack getting out of the lecture early. Oops. I have literally never skipped a class before so... that is new for me. Well I have never skipped a Uni class without a good reason. Let's say that.

I went home and called the post office. Katja has had some issues getting her package from her family for her birthday. I called them, pretended to be Katja, and I think it is all straightened out. It should be here tomorrow. :)

Then I took a nap and literally almost missed another class! What the heck Sarah!?! Get it together. I literally walked in as she was shutting the door. I completely miscalculated how much time I had. Ugh. No worries though! I made it! All is good!

My sustainability class went pretty well actually! (for the most part) I am glad that I went with the clean water. It is so nice... to be nice... to the nice... ;)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy bday Katja!! + another crazy tan line

Yesterday was Friday and we celebrated Katjas birthday :)

We both share a passion for the mall so we went to the mall. :) It was a nice time walking around and just hanging out. We had some lunch and coffee. Then we went to the grocery store and picked up some food for the night.

I bought her a birthday girl pin. She was super excited about it on the inside... I just know lol She kept saying 'this is so American'. ;)

We had a BBQ at the beach. It was really fun!

Today it is raining. I fell that is really convenient. It is kind of forcing me to stay inside and study. I have midterm Monday at 830am. Ugh. It is so weird that she is calling it a midterm. I mean it is not 'midterm' yet. Anyway I am headed back to study.

Oh! one more thing I have the funniest tan line ever... again. I had the light switch on my stomach from the band aide covering my piercing. Now I have a tan line around my wait that looks like Neopolitan ice cream. I am the queen of funny tan lines... just saying.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Happy birthday Grandma!

I can't really get ahold of you at all because you are not on facebook or kik or whatsapp or viber... all that crap... but I know you read my blog... so happy birthday! I love you very much and I can't wait to see you when I am home! :)

I am glad you liked the CD ;) xoxxo

Thursday, March 26, 2015

T/W and Thursday Surfing!

So Tuesday was really good. It started out with awesome news. My friend Jason is coming to visit me in April. Today his passport and visa got all straightened out!! Now all that is left is to get on the plane! :) I am so excited to share my adventure!!!

I spent the morning at the pool and then had a meeting with my group for Leadership and Team Dynamics. The meeting was good. I think we have a very entertaining group that is for sure. :) I like them a lot. After my meeting I went home and back to the pool for a little while with Katja. She was having a lazy non productive day. I have decided that her spirit animal is the koala. She loves naps and she is cute so it works out :)

Later Tuesday I had the lecture and tutorial for Leadership and Team Dynamics. It was good. It is an odd class. We do activities and learn by doing, which is pretty cool. There is really not much 'lecture'. We shall see how this pans out when it comes to finals.

Tuesday night we finally went to the grocery store... we were in desperate need at this point. Then we had pizza and salad. Yumm! I played some sand volleyball after dinner. It was fun :) Then I was needing a laugh so I opened a card form Nicole :)

Wednesday I have my Supply Chain MGT class 8-11. I like the class and I like the professor .. but it is a first time class. They just started the program. The assignments are very vague and the lectures can be difficult to follow. The professor is very smart but I feel like it is an astronaut trying to teach 4th graders about the solar system. Sometimes he is a bit over everyones' head.

My group for the group project in that class is a lot more of a struggle too honestly. I thought we had a good group, but we have one person who refuses to listen at all and one who is off in left field... It is hard to get everyone on the same page to write this 1 page thing. I am thinking I might just write it and call it a day.

But I mentioned lately how much I love my campus?!?

Anyway, the rest of Wednesday I did some work for Uni and some reading. Then Katjas traveling German friends came. They were only here for the night. They are very nice and I felt so bad... they were so sunburnt... mostly him... but oh goodness. :( We played volleyball and they slept in Katjas bed and we slept in mine.


Wednesday night Raphael and I were practicing popping up in the living room. He gave me some tips and pointers. This morning (Thursday) Raphael was going to the beach at 6. That is too early... plus that is feeding time for sharks...You think this girl is going in the ocean that time of the day? I don't think so. Stop your crazy talk. So I decided to get there at 8. I found out Activate, the travel group I am in, has boards so I don't have to rent them! The German guys who live at the beach have just been keeping them because no one ever uses them. So I got ahold of them and said hey lets meet up and surf :)

So we did!

When I got on the bus I noticed a text from Raph. He decided not to go. It said to wake him if I wanted him to go with me. This was not the best time to find out - as I was currently on the bus to the beach. I texted him but I guess he was sleeping. So I got there, found the Germans, and I bought a surfer shirt. It is special material that drys pretty quick and it's super tight. It is long sleeve which I love and blocks UV rays. I feel so professional in it. ;) Well, I feel professional until I get in the water that is. Note to self: long sleeve does not cover your hands. Your hands are almost always out of the water. They will get burnt.

I was happy with how I did the first time I went out. At first I went out to where surfers go... which was hard because I couldn't balance on the board very well and I felt like to took forever fighting the waves. I quickly realized this was dumb. I need to start closer to the shore in the smaller waves. So I paddled back in some. When I got there I thought about when I coach or teach someone. What do I do? I start with the basics: the stuff that seems dumb but is helpful. So I balanced on the board on my stomach for a bit. I know that sounds dumb, but it is hard to do in the waves! Then I decided to ride one in like a body board, because I know how to do that. It was good. It helped me get a feel for the board a little. Then I knee boarded in a few times on my hands and knees. Finally I even got feet down on the board! Unfortunately as soon as I pushed up I toppled. I am not counting that as standing at all, but I am happy.

I did feel really good on this one wave. I felt settled. I felt like this is how it is supposed to feel. I was thinking 'this is it! stand up!' then my swim bottom decided no this is not it and started to come off so I had to salvage my bottom and forsake the standing :( Another note to self: wear extra tight swim bottoms... mine were a struggle all day.

Then next time I went out the waves had gotten quite a bit rougher. I could barely ride a wave in on my stomach! My photographer (Katja) was only there for my second session. Hopefully I will get some better pics next time :) I am glad to have some though!!!

After that I walked up and down the beach a little and we headed home. When we got back we ate and got in the pool. It was very relaxing. Then I got a nice shower and we ran to the liquor store. Katjas birthday is tomorrow!!! So we will celebrate tonight at midnight! :) Until then I am going to study for then next hour and a half, then dinner, and then I am sure the festivities of a normal Thursday night at Varsity will begin! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weird dreams in OZ...

I slept so late today!! I woke up at 1030!!! Holy crap! I guess I must have been tired!

I had the weirdest dream ever! I was driving my roommate Raphael's car (note: Raphael does not have a car) and Katja and I were going somewhere. I was very nervous since they drive on the other side of the road here and in the other side of the car, but it worked out fine. :) I am a pro. By the way when I told Raph this his reaction was 'What you drove my car?!?' Haha he cracks me up.

We got to this event I guess because the next thing I remember is being in this giant maze. There were 3 levels. It reminded me of CASHS (my high school) only like 10 times as big. The first level was a pretty normal obstacle course. Katja and I went through it pretty easily. I think it was a race because we were rushing. Also if you can't complete the obstacle you are out.

We got to level 2 and it was dark and reminded me of a haunted house. The difference is these people attacked you and if they 'killed you' you were out of the game. They would hit you with a fake sword or shoot you with a fake bow, etc. Katja looked at me and squinched her face and said "No. I am not doing this." and somehow she left... not sure how. So I forged on alone. Thanks Katja. It was very scary and instead of confronting and fighting the scary people I snuck by all of them. Survival man! You gotta do what you gotta do!

I got to level 3 and Pierick was there. (He is part of the Activate group I go hiking and camping with) Why was he there? No idea. It was a high ropes course in the dark. If you fell or were too scared to do it you were out of the game. I started in and Pierick kept saying just trust your feet. I kept thinking you are insane. A ropes course in the dark?!?! Then he asked me where my weapon was. I was like 'I didn't know I needed one'. Apparently you have to get one in level 2 somehow. You can't finish without one. So I had to go back. Somehow I cut out a side door where the actor and props people were. I kept saying I just have to go back to level 2 I will be right back.

So I found a side door in level 2. I went in with no plan of how to get a weapon. I thought I would be sneaky and try to attack someone from behind maybe, but this big guy with a knife saw me. So I wielded and invisible chainsaw and acted out cutting off his head. He looked at me for a second with a blank face and then laughed and said 'ok then' and handed me the knife. So as I was headed back to level 3 when a huge guy with a giant ax as big as me saw me so I threw the knife at him. I missed. So I acted out another knife throw and he laughed and gave me his weapon. I was upset because it was a pretty nice weapon and I wanted to get it back to him after the game so I suggested we take a selfie. I don't know how this would help, but we took the selfie and he said he would cheer for me at the talent portion.

Now I got back to level 3 and went through that no problem. This doesn't make any sense... I could barely do it before carrying nothing, and now I breeze through it carrying a giant ax... but ok. (Then again none of this makes sense so... I guess we will just go with it)

After level 3 anyone who makes it has to perform in a talent show. So I decided to sing. Obviously. I knew since I had to incorporate the weapon it should be an edgy song. I decided to sing Better Dig Two. It's one of my best songs and it's kind of badass-ish. It was huge stage with thousands of people in the audience. The audience was comprised of people who attempted the course, as well as their families and friends, and even just people who came to watch the games. Since this was a big show I talked to lighting guy about what I wanted, and as I was talking to the band giving them some final little tweaks I woke up.

So... That was a weird one for the record books.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mt. Coolum

Yesterday we had planned to hike Mt. Coolum. Unfortunately the rain set us back :( They cancelled it officially on the site and rescheduled for next week. I thought we weren't going then at the last minute we got invited with a smaller group to give it a go anyway! :) Yay! So Katja and I were in! I am so glad we went it was so great! The sunset was amazing!

Mount Coolum was created about 26 million years ago. It formed when a dome-shaped bulge of magma cooled below the Earth’s surface.

It is about an 800 meter (about a half a mile) trek up the mountain. It starts out really tame with stones shaped into steps. Then it gets a bit more difficult with the rocks but overall it is not bad. It only took us about 30 minutes to walk it.

At one point the clods rolled in and surrounded us. I felt like we were sitting in a cloud. How cool!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

free coffee!

So I went on my one and ONLY online dating live date. It was a bit of a disaster. He picked me up (as Katja watched from the window haha). He didn't even get out of the car, which was awkward. So I got in and we headed off to get coffee up the road. His car was dirty... which I understand, life happens, but on a first date?! :( Then, because his car was admittedly kind of crappy, not just dirty but overall crappy... the wipers barely work and the lights kept cutting out, he shot off into a long explanation. Honestly, I don't care what you drive... but he told me his story. He told me about money and his Dad used to make 200K-300K yearly now he is on government something... his dad needed money so he sold his really nice jeep and gave his dad the money. After that he bought this junker for '3000$ cash'. This is not a cool topic for me, honestly I hate talking about money. It is weird and I just don't like it. ESPECIALLY on a first date. I don't need to know what your families financial situation is, which I do now. I don't need to know what you make, which I do now. I don't need to know what your bonuses are, which I do now. I don't need to know the trips your company pays to send you on, which I do now. I don't need to know you work overtime but you don't get paid overtime, which I do now... Future reference everyone. Shut up about money.

Oh, and did I mention he is way older than I thought. His profile said 33. Nope. Looks like a solid 38. He was talking about about how his 12 year old nephew plays Call of Duty and it is just the craziest thing. 'They kill people. They actually kill people. And he talks to his mates on a headset. It's just crazy'. I felt like I was talking to my Great Grandpap, who luckily doesn't read this blog so won't be offended :). He literally used the phrase 'back in my day'. Seriously? 

So we got to the coffee place and we went through the drive thru. I think the plan was to hang out in Mooloolaba, but that got veto'd pretty quickly. He paid for my coffee which was very kind. So that was a plus! He did try very hard with conversation... he was just missing every time. He loves little dogs - I don't care for little dogs (in general people! don't get all offended), he loves American Idol and shows like that - I don't watch them because it is kind of painful, he loves Man vs. Food - I think it is a huge waste of food, He thinks the best country music is Keith Urban (obviously since Keith is an Aussie, but I don't contest that Keith is very good), Taylor Swift, and Scotty Mccreary - I think he has no clue what he is talking about.

Then he asked 'where to?' and I said 'honestly I think we should head back'. He has to watch his nephew later and I have studying to do. Well I mean I am in Uni.... there is always studying that can be done... and blogs that can be written. So on the way back he brought up about 27 more times that he used to play cricket professionally and he made all this money. I get it you played professional Cricket. You are very athletic. You made a ton of money. He said he didn't buy sports cars and stuff he invested in land. Also, he played in the UK. Sadly enough, while in the UK, his girlfriend died and he said he kind of lost his passion for the game. Then he told me his friend/agent/ manager cleaned out his bank accounts and ran off with his 'nestegg'. Also, his sponsors were all suddenly gone too. Oakley, Adidas.... 

Honestly, he seems like a relatively nice guy, but I feel like he lied to me... not exactly sure what all was truth and what was lie.  

I mean if your Dad is poor why do you golf with him every weekend? 
Golfing is expensive right?
You stopped playing cricket because your girlfriend died?
So when did the sponsors leave?
And when did the agent steal your money?
Why didn't you sue him?
Why did you lie about your age and use old pictures?
If you did invest why do you live with your sister?
If you played in the UK why would you have the yellow team Australia uniform? (which he mentioned previously)
If you have investments why did you have to sell you jeep for a $8000 loss to give your dad money?

In summary: he lives with his sister and loves Taylor Swift. This will never work.
A - Why can no one on online dating have their own place?! 
B - T. Swift... really? :[

It just doesn't add up. I guess if anything it is good to know that online dating sucks all around the world. It is not a strictly American problem. 

Volleyball Tounament

Every year they have the annual volleyball tournament between Varsity Apartments (us) and Uni Central (across the street). We have never lost. :) Mainly because we are more naturally talented and just better overall... also probably because we have the volleyball court. Anyway it is a big tradition of BBQing and day drinking. My day started out with Crepes!!! ;) Thanks to Raphael!

They take this tournament seriously. You know they take it seriously because they actually brought in heavy equipment to move the sand around and make it nice for this event. The quiet before the storm...

It was super hot but luckily there was some cloud cover so that made it a bit nicer. The games stared at 11 and lasted until 5ish? My balcony is like having box seats so we got pretty lucky we could cheer and heckle from court side. Oh and most importantly we could do it all in the shade! :)

We watched the volleyball games and played some card games... we got in the pool... had some BBQ... the day went by so fast! There were some really good volleyball games honestly! We have some people who can really play! About 4ish it was finally the final round. For all the marbles. I won't lie I was distracted by the game we were playing on the balcony a bit and I missed most of it... but... we won!!! Woohoo! Varsity carries on it's tradition!

At this point I realized food would be good... So Lisa and Devin and I grabbed some of my food and went to his place on the dark side and he cooked! It is called the dark side because its so dark and quiet. Pretty much all the parties are on our side of the complex centered around the volleyball court. It is usually bright and loud. Anyway he cooked for us! How sweet! He is a really good cook!!! I lucked out!

After that we went back to the party side of Varsity. There was some dancing so we joined in. Well maybe there was music so we started dancing... either way... the dancing commenced. Then for some reason I can't explain, we decided to stand around and talk in the rain... Still a bit of a mystery. After that we all just hung out and I found myself in my apartment around 11. It was past time for a shower and sleep!

I woke up to a huge mess this morning. I cleaned up all the bottles and took our the trash. I wiped all the tables etc. I figure I did my share now one of the others will do the floors and it'll be good as new!

It was a pretty fun Saturday! :) Today is just a relaxing Sunday then we are going to hike Mt. Coolum and watch the sunset. Oh! and guess what?!! We might even go to a karaoke bar... ;) yeah buddy!!! I really hope that happens! :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Well that was a bust...

Less than 24 hours into online dating - I have thrown in the towel and deleted my profile. It is just way too overwhelming. 68 different people sent me messages. Many of them sent multiple. I actually talked to 12 people. I forgot what it's like messaging new people all the time constantly getting mail... ugh It is so exhausting and kind of stressful! I did talk to come nice guys... at least they seem nice. No one asked me rude questions or messaged me just for sex outright so that is a change. I will probably meet a couple of them... 2 just totally a friend thing... clear boundaries... one guy who... is interesting. I am sure it'll probably turn into a total bust like all the others in the US but... here's to trying right?! Haha

So I guess that is the last update for online dating for me ;) At least until I am back in the states ;)

Kinda crazy - don't judge me haha

So last night I had too much time on my hands. For once it was all quiet in Varsity Apartments. This is really odd because usually it's loud almost every night, especially Thursday nights! Anyway... I have been wondering about the online dating situation here. I don't want to find someone here, but I am curious. Last night I did some investigating. They have some different sites than we do and some familiar ones. For instance they have Zoosk, eHarmony, Christian Mingle, Match, and PlentyofFish. They also have some not so recognizable ones like Elite Singles, Be2, NaughtyDate, Click Flirt, and Be Naughty. So I checked some of them out. Some were obviously sex sites... which I guess we have some of those too in the US. I also read some reviews of the sites.

As you can probably guess I decided to sign up for one and see what happens. I signed up looking for friends. So we shall see what happens. If they are anything like my experiences in the US this should be an interesting and bumpy ride haha.

On another note this morning I woke up and got to Skype with my Grandma! Thank you Chelle for making that work out. It was so good to see her face. :) As much as I love being here I do miss my family. Today turned into quite the Skyping day for me actually! I started with Chelle, Linda, and Grandma, then I talked with Mom, Dad, and Murphy, then Allie, and even Nicole! It was really nice to talk with my friends. I feel like there is so much to catch up on. Also it was Nicole's birthday so I am really glad we made that happen!

It was SOOOO hot today! I am glad we went to the beach yesterday! Today would have been to damn hot! It is now 430 pm and its still 86* and feels like 94*. Ugh. Oh well at least we have air con!

Also today I got all my reading done for next week and I think I got my Ship stuff figured out. I was majoring in Accounting and HR Management. I decided even though accounting is a smarter major... I just don't like it. I really want to work for a non profit that help veterans cope after returning home. So I decided to keep my HR Management major and minor in psychology. I think it will be useful to have experience in that. Also who knows... it will set me up to go back to school for a degree in psychology if I want. ;) Ya just never know!

Alrighy well I will keep you updated ;) Wish me luck haha

Thursday, March 19, 2015

MOOLOOLABA love/ hate

Wednesday Katja and I went to Maroochydore to the Sunshine Plaza. We did a little shopping and a lot of wandering around haha. We had to pick up a few gifts ;) I am excited to give them to people... but y'all are gonna have to wait... shipping is a bit ridiculous form Oz to USA.

After the shopping we went to the beach at Alexander. It was so nice. The weather was perfect... again. :) There were some surfers, but very few others on the beach. It is so peaceful! I love it!

We headed home. I went to the gym for a bit and showered. We made dinner. It is so funny we just kind of looked at each other... we were both were exhausted. It is funny sometimes how even doing nothing on the beach in the sun can wipe you out. We watched some TV. Then we found Argo on! I really like that movie so I watched that and went to bed.

This morning (Thursday) I did some laundry. I am excited about my fresh clean sheets. :) I also went to the gym. I made a new friend... some kind of weird bug. He is pretty crazy looking right?!?

After that we headed off to the beach! What a hard life it is here.... haha. We spent about an hour and a half laying out. We sat in the water adn walked up the beach. Then we walked around Mooloolaba a bit. My skin needed a little break from the sun. We spent almost an hour in the shops and looking at stuff from the shade. After that we went back to the beach.

Anna and Pierick joined us for little while and gave us a ride home. That was pretty great of them. I did come to find out that I spent a bit too much time in the sun today. Yup. I am burnt. Honestly I am pretty impressed that this is the first time I have been burnt since I have been here! Go me! Hopefully it will turn to a pretty tan ASAP.

Nothing much planned for tonight. Then tomorrow I have a good amount of reading to get done for classes next week. I guess I do have to do some school stuff while I am here too? ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Classes week 3

Ok... note to self: After a big weekend of climbing and camping and schoolwork jammed in too... you NEED coffee! This morning felt like it was dragging pretty bad. Monday is my biggest class day. 8-10 and 10-11 then 1-2 and 2-4. Rawr. There are some oddities that I keep noticing in my classes. For one, the professors really prefer you to have your tech devices out during class. I think it is great to really inspire students to implement technology. Honestly we will need tech skills in the work place... why not use them in the classroom?! I have learned to love my Surface pro 3. I can have the PowerPoint for the day open and my notes at the same time so I can copy paste anything directly from the PowerPoints into my notes! How cool! Also we use GoSoapBox in class. GoSoapBox is a site where the professor asks questions and everyone can chime in online. We can all be involved at once. It is pretty great. Another oddity is the lack of professional hierarchy. For instance when you speak to a professor in the US you address them as Doctor or Professor. Here, it throws me every time when people use our professors first name. Jane. Robert. ect. It is pretty strange honestly. Maybe growing up in the south with 'Yes Ma'am' and 'Yes Sir' has made it harder for me to accept this.  Honestly I just don't think I can call my professor Jane... that is just too weird.

Overall though I do love my classes. I like the professors and I am making some friends. :)

Monday night Katja and I went to Lisa's for dinner. Which is alwasy good becase she is a much better cook than we are! She is thrilled to cook for us... haha

Tuesday was St. Patricks Day! Everyone was drinking all day. Not me though! I had a presentation at 6pm. It was a fun day though. :) I went to the gym. It is so great to be back in the swing of things. We also made our weekly family store run. I have said it so many times, I know, but I am really lucky with my flatmates (roommates). We are a little family :) Jaksen, me, Katja, Raphael, and of course the teddy bear... his name is Roosevelt... and of course he is buckled in too! Safety first! ;)

Also Jaksen hung my picture and now our flat is so home-y! I love it! I had this painting in my room that Kim gave me. It was hanging over my bed. The problem was it kept falling. It never fell on me luckily, but I felt like it was just a matter of time. So now it is our household decor!

My presentation Tuesday night went really well! I went 1st. I was supposed to go 3rd, but I guess she accidentally switched it. No worries though. I feel really good about it. My in-class feedback was really good. Heck, she said I could just take over the class for the next 12 weeks haha. I told her no thank you! Anyway, I am happy with it. Hopefully my grade will reflect all this positivity! On another note, my group for the group project in that class seems really great! They are all really funny and I am looking forward to working with them.

I opened my second Nicole-o-gram ;) Thanks for the hug girl!!

Also I had a minor shoe blow out... both shoes have decided to throw in the towel at one time!! What the heck!

Anyway... Wednesday morning came too early! I struggled a bit to wake up. Ugh. For some reason it took me forever to fall asleep last night! Which very rarely happens. My class went really well and now Katja adn I are off on another adventure to Maroochydore and the beach :) Should be a good day!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Welcome to Oz. Is this another language?!?!

Aussies abbreviate everything. It is almost like they have a whole different language! I pick up on most meanings just using context clues but sometimes I have to actually ask. Luckily everyone is very nice and keen to explain it to me. Slowly but surly I am getting it ;)

This is a list of some of the ones I have come across. Some of them really threw me for a loop and some seem really natural!

Air con - air conditioner
Avo - afternoon
Barbie - BBQ grill
Bikkie - cookie
Bloody - F***ing
Boot - trunk of the car
Bonnet - hood of the car
Bottle-O - liquor/ beer store
Brekkie - breakfast
Brissy - Brisbane
Bucks - bachelor party
Chemist - pharmacy
Chewy - gum
Chrissy - Christmas
Coldie - beer
College - high school
C*** - used between guys as insult
the Ditch - water between OZ and New Zealand 
Darling - endearing term for a female friend
Doona - comforter
Fanny - vagina
Flat - apartment
Footy - Australian rules football
Good on ya - good job
Goon - cheap box wine
Hungry Jacks - Burger King
Jelly - Jell-O
Keen - agreement/ good
Lollies - any type of candy
Mackers - McDonalds
Mate - buddy/ friend
Motorbike - motorcycle
Mozzies - mosquitoes
Nappies - diapers
Op Shop - thrift store
Oz - Australia
Petrol - gas
Roadie - a take away beer
Rubbish - trash
Servo - gas station
Schooner - large glass of beer
She'll be right - it'll be alright
Stubbie - bottle of beer
Stubbie holder - coozie for your beer
Sunnies - sunglasses
Surfies - people who surf alot
Swimmers/ Swimmies - swimsuit
Take away - carry out/ take out
Thongs - flip flops
Tinnie - aluminum can of beer
Torch - flashlight
Tosser - ridiculous person
Tradey - tradesman
Tyres - tires
Uni - college/ university
Walkabout - a walk in the outback by Aborigines for indefinite amount of time
Walkabout, gone on a - lost
Wanker - idiot
XXXX - pronounced four x's crappy beer
Yank - American
Zonked - zonked out tired out/ exhausted
Zed - the letter z

This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are no doubt many many more... these are just some quirky ones that I have noticed so far.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Friday + Weekend Rock climbing and camping in Brooyar

I got up today (Friday) my day started with some cleaning... I just can't live in that kind of messiness! When I finished that I worked on some homework. Reading reading and more reading. I finished my reading for the presentation I have to do this Tuesday. It was actually really interesting about team dynamics and the importance of designing work teams to increase productivity add satisfaction. This presentation is 15% of my grade so I really want to do well.

I had lunch with Katja and Lisa. Then Katja and I headed off to Mooloolaba for some beach time before it was time for a BBQ with the Germans. There are some Germans exchange students that live in Mooloolaba so we are going to their place for dinner. Also, some of Lisa's other German friends who go to Uni in Brisbane are coming up. The weather at the beach was perfect yet again! Until it rained a bit... but I guess that happens from time to time. I thought it was actually pretty refreshing. Katja did not agree haha No worries though. The rain didn't last. We left the beach and we went to the Germans apartment and hung out in the hot tub to warm up.

The BBQ was fun we had a little rooftop BBQ it was great! Almost perfect until the monsoon hit. Haha it poured. Luckily everyone was about finished eating anyway so made a run for it. We hung out inside for a while. I was beat and I knew we had to be up early for our rock climbing adventure. I didn't want wait for everyone to get a cab and the last bus had already left... I knew it was close to when Jaksen got off work... so.... I shot him a quick text and woo! I was in luck! Perfect timing. :)

Saturday morning we left the flat about 745am. Believe me that was early enough for Katja and I. We thought about not going... Katja had decided if it was raining in the morning she wasn't going. I was going to give a whirl anyway.. I mean a little rain never hurt anyone right?!?! Lucky for us though no rain! I am really glad I went I had a lot of fun. I did discover that I am pretty terrible at rock climbing... I don't think I more than 7 feet off the ground and I still managed to bang myself up more than anyone else haha That said, I really loved being out there. It is so beautiful! Also, now I can belay like no ones business! Belaying is the person on the bottom who controls the tension/ slack for the climber.

Then we watched the sunset! I wish the pictures could really show you... but at least it is something!

Now day 2 of climbing.. well trying to climb for me haha I figure everyone has gifts... I have plenty... climbing is not one. That said I had a lot of fun :) I managed to scrape my back, bruise my knee, cut open my finger, and scrape my elbow in the small amount of time I struggle to climb. Looks like this girl will be sticking to the stairs ;)

Now sleep! Well and prepping for my 3 days of school... and my presentation Tuesday.