Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Orientation Day!

Orientation day was yesterday and it was really a lot to process! I met up with some of my new friends Catia and Linda (German girls) and we went with a group of Canadian people to breakfast! We had bacon and egg sandwiches! It was very hot and sunny and the poor Canadians were melting! haha While we waited we were offered Red Frogs which are like Swedish Fish in the USA. So far so good!

After the breakfast stop we went up to international registration and got registered. Then I almost missed my first orientation class thing! I went to the BUS Human Resource program. I met an amazing professor. Wayne Graham is an amazing Aussie professor very chill very smart and very funny!! He told me about a professor here from TN!! Cindy just moved here in January for her position in the university. I went up and found her office and met her. She is so great! We talked country music and she even invited me to spend some time with her and her family any time if feel homesick. How sweet is that! :)

I went to a few more workshops in the afternoon and then I went back to my apartment. Apparently the party started Sunday night at midnight haha so most everyone was pretty hammered. I decided to head over to the gym for a bit and check that out. It's no Alphas Fitness... but it is a gym.

And guess what??! On the way back from the gym.... Wallabies!!! They were just chilling hanging out eating right by the path!! It is a mini wildlife reserve. There is no fence or anything they are just there.
After that I headed home and got a shower. It felt to great to work out again. Now it was time to go make some friends! Definitely interesting! Haha Lots of music, lots of dancing, lots of  people... it was fun. I was beat when I hit the pillow. I think my jet lag kicked in a bit and I was wiped out by 1030. Today I am head to the beach! Woohoo!!

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