Wednesday, February 25, 2015

O Day 2, Coolum beach, my room, and TOGA!

O DAY 2 (orientation day two)

Today was the 2nd day of Oweek. It is getting a little easier figuring things out. Today I got up and came over to campus where everything was already set up and buzzing. There were booths everywhere with people talking about everything from skydiving to joining the Law club. The weather here is just so amazingly pretty like all the time! It is just crazy! The sky is so blue its striking. Anyway I walked around campus for a while today talking to everyone about new things and I even learned about an open mic night! I might just have to hit that up! Haha International superstar right here ;) Show them how we do it in the US ;) Aren't they in for a surprise!

After that Kim came up to see me with David! :) It was so great to see them as always. OH! and this time they even came bearing gifts!! Even better haha She brought me towels, blankets, pillows, etc all the little extras to help me out. Also she brought a few decorative things for my walls to make it more homey. I was so pumped to decorate but I had to put it off because we had more important things to do... the BEACH!

We to Coolum beach and walked around the shops. We got chicken burgers. A chicken burger is a chicken sandwich for my American friends. Apparently in Australia anything on a bun is a burger no matter what kind of meat is in it?!? So odd. Anyway we had chicken burgers and walked around the shops then went down to the beach. The day was just perfect! Kim said the water is still murky compared to normal but I thought it was gorgeous!

Then we walked up to the top and found our special cove! I love this place!
After we finished up at the beach we stopped at the grocery store and I went home to decorate! It is fianally starting to feel like my room!

I had dinner with Katja and Liselotte (Lisa). We mad spaghetti and had dinner on the porch as the toga party started around us. Future reference: bread must go in the refrigerator or it will mold ASAP! It turned into a really fun night of laughing and making new friends from all over the world! Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and USA!!

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