Saturday, February 21, 2015

Flying to Australia!

I did some light reading in Reagan airport.
In my reading I came across this... a budgie smuggler is a man wearing a speedo... and a budgie is a parakeet... so does that mean people are smuggling parakeets in their speedos?!?!

The plane from LAX to Brisbane was gigantic!! I lucked into getting an exit row seat! I asked the guy at the check in if they had anything with extra leg room, he said usually these seats are not open, but one was open and he put me in it! I feel so lucky! It made my trip so much better! Also, I drank lots of water. I heard that people always seem to be dehydrated so I decided to drink a ton of water! It turns out it was a great choice because it made me have to get up to use the bathroom more often, which made me walk around a bit more. Win! Note to all: DRINK WATER! Below is a picture of the TV at my seat! It came equipped with everything from TV shows and movies to music and music videos. I watched An Affair to Remember, and episode of Big Bang Theory, and Frozen. Also, it had this map. The map tells you information on your trip like: how long until you reach your destination, how many miles to your destination, how many miles from your start, how high we are flying, what speed we are going, current temperature, current time. So fancy!
 The flight was actually pretty great! A few bumps but that is to be expected. As we came in it got a little extra bumpy but that is because of the crazy weather right now. When I flew in there was a forecast for a category 5 and category 4 hurricane storm system. The Category 4 is waaaaaay North so it will not effect us much but the other one is pretty close.
As of right now it demolished a couple islands, but now it had been downgraded to a category 2 and a tropical storm! So that is good news. It is currently raining here and we are expecting it to get down this way in the couple hours bringing severe thunderstorms and high winds... I will let ya know how it goes.


  1. Sounds like your first intercontinental flight was a success! I've noticed how dry the air is in those airplanes. When I fly overseas, I try to purchase enough water to satisfy this equation: my bodyweight halved, and in ounces. I've had my sinuses burning from the dry air on a plane before, so badly, I couldn't sleep! Sounds like you did it right! I hope you having a blast in Australia

    1. Yeah it is so dry!! I totally agree the water is key! :)