Saturday, February 21, 2015


Jet lag and slightly disoriented is not helpful...

There's so much that's new but not new. It is so odd... things are familiar but different. First, the "local shops" are similar to ours but because this area is tropical, there's a lot of open spaces with no
roof. It is so nice to have fresh air when you're shopping! There is still the common "Dollar" store. Be warned... the prices are far from a dollar. Haha Also I got to see a "Chemist" (what they call a pharmacy). Now the grocery store. The grocery stores here are 1/4 the size of an average American store. When you walk in it looks pretty similar then you see that things are pretty different. There are many things that are the same as US but have different names. It is like topsy tervy world! This picture is my US store on the left then food from my new Aussie place on the right :)

Now, the aisles... They love and appreciate cheese. They don't love it like the US where we stick it on everything, they love it and APPRECIATE it. They have so many cheeses! Next, the cookie (biscuit) and chip (crisps but they call them chips too) aisles are pretty much combined. AH! Reduced junk food options?!?! The struggle is real. That said, the candy (lollies) aisle however, is huge. Aussies like sweet things, especially chocolate (chokkie bar, anyone?). It is mostly filled with things I have never heard of though so looks like I will be experimenting haha. As for the contents of the grocery store some "American" things are recognizable for sure, but others are my same product, but different. For example, Rice Krispies are Rice Bubbles. Same snap, crackle, pop on the box....different name.

Next, the grocery carts (trollies) are like a drunken ballerina on ice. All four wheels move whatever direction they choose! You can do the electric slide with the cart! go right! Go left! Go back! Go sideways! Going straight isn't much of an issue, but turning a corner....whoa. They seem to have a mind of their own. Oh and to make matters more tricky, everyone is walking on the opposite side so...out of control cart + disoriented and jet lagged operator.....bad combo.

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