Sunday, February 22, 2015

Night hunting with the brave brave Kim

Last night Kim took me night walking looking for creatures. I must say I was way more nervous than I let on... I am not a big creepy crawly person but I felt like if this pretty little blonde woman could do it I guess so can I right? Haha So we were on a hunt for Huntsman.... Oh boy. The Huntsman is a giant spider that is safe for humans... well other than humans with heart issues... you might be scared to death. They are about as big as your hand. Now before you freak out the witch hunt remember Huntsman are good though!!! They all the bad stuff. We walked outside and immediately found geckos!! Yay! although... these are not green cute geckos... they're translucent-ish white. They blend into the house and are very creepy. (They are starting to grow on me... but I still think they are very creepy) We also found Cane toads. These nasty things are poisonous... but only if you lick them. Kim told me if I lick one no worries she will cart me off to the hospital. :) I decided against the licking... Also we never found a Huntsman... which is kind of ok with me haha.

Also we accidentally scared the tail off a little gecko. :( Luckily they grow back so no harm no foul. Ummm and then we gassed him too... just a bit... by accident!!! We sprayed a cock roach and then he popped out from behind the post! We tried to waft it away... anyway... we checked on him after the adventure and he was still alive so hopefully he lived... oops...he definitely doesn't like American ladies now.


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