Sunday, February 22, 2015

Whoa! What a day! My head is spinning!

Today felt like Christmas morning! :) I woke up to the sun streaming into my windows! It was so perfect! I tried to stay in bed but I just couldn't hold myself back from running outside! Kim was already up and she was just as happy as I was to be in the sun again!! The birds were chirping and it was just picture perfect. She made us smoothies and I got a chance to Skype with my parents. Then we set off on an adventure!
I will get the name of this place from Kim... she is sleeping now I think... but it is really neat. You can see all of Brisbane! It was perfect temperature too! It also had a great breeze!
 We stopped at Beefy's on the way up to my school on the Sunshine Coast. It is a big meat pie place for tradies (tradesmen). I tried my first real meat pie. I got a steak and mushroom one and it was sooooooooooooooo good!!! I also tried a piece of Kim's chicken curry one and it was also very yummy. Also we had an apple dumpling. It was so good the cream filling is homemade and it tasted great. It was a bit frozen so that was not perfect exactly but it still was really great I thought! :)
 We saw this giant mountain that I cant recall the name of right now :( and pineapple farms! They grow in the ground. When they harvest them they cut off the top and plant the top in the ground and boom~& and new pineapple plant! How cool!
We went to Kim's favorite beach today! It was beautiful! Apparently it was actually not very pretty today beacaue the storm brought up a lot of seaweed and gunk so it was way dirtier looking than usual. I still think it is gorgeous but I cant wait to see it once it clears up to the crystal blue that it usually is! :)
We also rode up to Noosa today too :)
Now I am at school. The campus looks very pretty :) When we first got here and brought my stuff in we realized I forgot my sheets Kim was letting my borrow and my towels! Dang! So we made a quick run to the store and everything worked out fine. That is why I have the credit card! Anyway we came back and I went in search of internet. I met a Swedish foreign exchange student named Daniel he was very nice. He helped me find the front desk which was less than helpful haha and volunteered his internet anytime! :) Yay new friends! So decided to just take a little walk and look for the school. I went for a long walk accidentally... I was trying to find the way to campus and sort of went the opposite direction for about 20 minutes haha Oh well it is very pretty and I got a nice walk in! I did find the campus so that is good. My internet is kind of an issue still... but hopefully I can get that worked out tomorrow... I met a guy named Josh who said he would come over tomorrow and help me. Anyway... The room is small but that is to be expected. The bed is actually bigger than expected so that's a win! There are 4 of us living here. We each have our own bedroom desk and bathroom so that is pretty great! We have an Aussie named Jackson, a French guy who serfs, and a German girl named Katalia? (That is probably spelled wrong). We are a mini UN right here in Sippy Downs! Everyone seems very nice so I am excited!
Alright it is time for sleep for me! I am whipped! Tomorrow is orientation so I definitely need my beauty rest and I need to recoup my energy! I have so much to do and see tomorrow!!!


  1. The name of the lookout is Mt. Coot-tha (that's really how it's spelled). The other mountain you couldn't remember is part of a series of mountains known as the Glasshouse Mountains. They are old volcano plugs (the hardened lava of an extinct volcano--the earth has wore away from the outside, basically leaving a big piece of volcanic rock sticking out of the ground). Glad to hear the roommates were good! :-) We will bring you more supplies up tomorrow! We miss you!!

  2. Thank you!!! Haha I should have written it down lol