Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday life in Australia

Wow I can't believe it is already Friday afternoon and this is my view!!!!

I feel like this week went by so fast! This week was O week (orientations week) where we got to explore the campus and get to know our way around a bit. Also, O week is a big party week. It's a great way to meet new people and make new friends. It was really fun! Even though my jet lag is not bad, it has made me tired kind of early. Tonight is a rest night. Then, I guess Saturday is one last big push before school starts Monday. I really feel like I am adjusting to my life here a bit. The weather is amazing, the people are amazing... it's a good thing I am such USA girl through and through or I might just stay here! Haha

After all the parties and new friends I started to really miss my old friends... Luckily Nicole was ready for this to happen ;) I opened my first of many special message cards from one of the best friends  a girl could ask for. I opened the 'when you miss me' card. PS This is not the first or last time I will be missing you lady!

Oh! I tried Vegemite. It is not as horrible as the stories say it is. That said, I will probably never eat it again. It is super salty... like super salty licorice? Weird. I ate two bites and decided that will probably hold me for life. ;)

So surprisingly I am not sunburned! Woohoo!! You can be proud of me! ;) I guess not surprisingly I have developed a rash. It is on my feet. I noticed it Monday night. I used my Cortisone 10 but by Wednesday night it looked worse so Thursday morning I was off to the doctor. Boy was that an adventure. Lucky for me I had applied my sunscreen liberally before this 4 hour long adventure comprised mostly of walking around outside. I went to campus on the assumption that they had a clinic/ medical place. Nope. It was honestly rather frustrating. Everyone I asked seemed confused and a few people volunteered to call security. I was like "please do not call security I have a rash I am not bleeding from the head." So finally after wandering building to building and asking people who had no idea I went to the International office. It's a good thing I stopped in there! It turns out I needed a sticker on the back of my Student I.D. in order to be seen by the doctor! So I got my sticker and they sent me to closest doctor. I walked there and they fit me in. I saw the doctor and he said it looked like a dermatitis probably an allergic reaction to something I walked through. He prescribed me a steroid cream and said it should start looking better if not come back Monday and we will try an antibiotic... after that a biopsy... ugh.

So I used my cream yesterday and went to bed. I woke up and it was worse! What the hell!?! So I decided to go back to the doctor. This time my awesome Aussie roommate Jaksen took me over so that was really nice! (saved me the 40 minute walk or so) He dropped me off and I waited to get fit in. They actually got me in pretty quickly! The doctor said it is time for the antibiotic and he said "keep it cool, clean, and out of the sun". Ummmm that is super tricky here.... I'm in Australia, it's super sunny and in the 80's and I walk everywhere... so I called a cab from the doctors to the Chemist. They call pharmacies chemists. I texted Jaksen about picking me up from the Chemist. He said no problem so I got my antibiotic and while I waited I actually had time to grab some groceries! Bonus! And there were dogs at the grocery store! I love it!!!

The grocery store is walking distance, but it's a solid 20-25 minute walk. That is just too long in the sun for milk... well anything that should be cold... meat, eggs, yogurt, lettuce, mushrooms, cheese, etc. So it is really nice to have a ride! I got all my cold stuff! :)

After I took my antibiotic I Skyped my parents for a while and then I got really tired so I took a nap. Medication always make me so tired! Ugh... Oh well I was house bound today anyway with my stupid feet so might as well be sleepy right!? So today has been not very exciting haha but hopefully my feet will have marked improvement tomorrow and I can venture out and about a bit more!

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