Monday, April 13, 2015

Jason got here... last week...

So last Sunday (yes over a week ago.... I know I am terrible) Jason arrived. Jaksen drove me down to Brisbane to the airport. It was a pretty simple pickup thank goodness. I was a little nervous because he had no phone so calling me was out. It worked out well though. We found each other really easily. :)

We stopped at Beefy's on the way home and Jason got to try a meat pie. I think he was pretty impressed. I am glad we did that. Meat pies are an Aussie staple. :) When we got home unfortunately there was no rest for the weary. We had to run to the rental car place and pick up the cars. I would have let him stay but if he wanted to drive he had to sign and present ID. Little did I know one of his bucket list items is driving on the other side of the road... so he came with us.

I drove that day. We went to Kawana to look for a razor but... it was Easter Sunday so no luck. Then we went to Mooloolaba to check out the beach. It was really great actually! It was so pretty. We grabbed some food and walked around.

We actually saw a rescue. I took pictures because we thought it was a drill. Turns out it was real. Thank goodness we found out later that everyone lived. It was actually really scary.

After that we came home and walked down to campus to look for kangaroos. We found them! We even saw a mom with a Joey in the pouch! :) I was glad they were there for Jason to see! Thank you kangaroos!

We also saw another incredible sunset. It is so funny he says all the same things I did when I got here. 'It's so green!' 'the sky is so clear' 'this is just so incredible'.

After that is was time for Easter dinner. We made a pork roast and of course mac-n-cheese. I also put out my eggs that I dyed and a chocolate Easter Bunny without the ears (love you Mom). So Katja, Jason, Raphael, Pierick and I shared a nice Easter dinner.

We played some card games and we were all pretty beat so we went to bed. The next day we had to be up super early to leave at 630 for Whitsundays!!!! (I promise I will write about it soon)