Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jason's last 2 days on the Sunshine Coast: surfing and Bday

We slept in on Sunday. It was a very eventful week! I got up and threw in some laundry. Then we had to return the rental cars. We took them back to budget and grabbed some groceries since the house was empty.

Jason and I went to the gym. I felt like it had been forever since I worked out! Then we decided today was a good day for surfing. I called ahead and since it was already 2pm I asked if we could get a discount on board rental. 1/2 price!! Win! So we ate Camel burgers (yes camel) for lunch and we went off to Alex Beach. Raphael came and helped us which was so cool!

Even with his possibly broken foot Raph was a great coach!

I didn't stay in the water long. I kind of freaked myself out. We went out farther than I was comfortable. It dropped off pretty quickly and I hadn't been able to touch for a while. I decided to move in just a little but when I tried I realized the tide was pulling me out so I freaked out a bit. I finally got out and stayed out for the rest of the time. :(

It worked out that I was out anyway... I took some good pictures :) And I played in the sand... so it was still a win for me! :) Most importantly it worked out for Jason! He stood up!Twice! AND I got pictures! :)

He was pretty tickled about it. :) Haha I was really happy for him it was funny he was like a little kid all excited. It was cute.

We stayed out for an hour and a half or 2 then returned the boards and caught the bus home.

That night Katja and I made out less than famous but should be famous really yummy steak salad and wraps. We also played some volleyball and then hit the sack. Again... we were sooooooooooooo tired! It has just been such eventful few days!

Monday was Jason's birthday. So I invited everyone over for a party Monday night. We slept in in the morning then during the day Jason wanted to find souvenirs for his family so we went to Mooloolaba and then Maroochydore. We did a lot of walking all over the pplace haha but eventually found what he wanted for his parents and his nephew. Success!

We came home and Raphael cooked us dinner.

I bought Jason a pipe. (From the dollar store... so don't get too excited) I figured he was getting older he should look more sophisticated... ;)

And I decorated... of course :)

The definition of sophistication:

Ummm and I ended up with Jaken's hat... It was a fun night :)

I think he had a great birthday. Lots of people came and celebrated with us. We played games and had a blast. Jaksen even bought Jason some TimTams and Vegemite. Jason even liked the Vegemite! :) It was a good time had by all! I love this life.

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