Sunday, April 5, 2015

1st dinner out/ Gold Coast trip/ Easter is coming!

First off I had my first real dinner out! Marnie and I got dinner in Mooloolaba. It was really good actually. I had chicken with shrimp and salad! So Good!! It was a really nice girls night! Note to everyone: taking food home is a pretty much American only thing... I found out the hard way when 1/2 my chicken got dumped in the trash. :(

ANYWAY! Thursday and Friday I went on an adventure. Lisa, Jake, Craig, Spencer and I went to the Gold Coast for a night. It is about a 2 hour drive South straight down the Coast past Brisbane. Not too bad. It is supposed to be a big party city. We went for a Donovan Franken-something concert.

The concert was really fun and the opening act was phenomenal.

I was a bit inebriated and apparently my southern twang came out a bit... or a lot... more than usual.

We spent some time on the beach too. It was really pretty. The waves were really big at Surfers Paradise. I like it a lot but I think Sunshine Coast is better by like 1000 times! Goldie is just too touristy and too made up. I like the Sunny Coast for the atmosphere. It is so comfortable and genuine. I am so lucky to have landed in the perfect spot! Today Katja, Britt and I went shopping and had some amazing burgers at Grill'd. Katja and I always make fun of it because their slogan is 'the healthy burger' and we just thing healthy and burger should not be in the same sentence. They were great though.

After tha I dyed Easter eggs :) They are not as pretty as in the US becasue they only have brown eggs here. Well at least they only have brown eggs in this store... So it was a bit of a struggle... but I tried :)

Anyway... Jason is on his way here and will be here very soon! I am so excited! Then we are going to Whitsunday Islands. It is up on the Great Berrier it. Seriously it is supposed to be maybe the prettiest place in Australia! We will be up there on a catamaran for the week! No worries though! I will take lots of pics!

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