Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jason's last day: Koala sanctuary/ Brissy and Brisbane with Kim

On Jason's last full day here we woke up and Leah took us to Brisbane. We got down there about 12ish. We went to Kim's to drop off his bags and then Kim went with us to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It was so much fun! There are so many animals there. I thought it was just koalas and kangaroos, but I was wrong. There are so many birds and other Australian native animals. We saw snakes, emus, dingos, wombats... it was so cool.

The emus and kangaroos were just hanging around and you could pet them and feed them. It was kind of crazy. Also I liked that they had a private place in the back to go if they were tired of being around people. I was really happy to see that :)

P.S. check out how jacked that kangaroo on the bottom of this picture is... woo!

We got to hold the koalas and get pictures with them. They smell pretty bad to be honest but it was very cool! I was supposed to hold the same one Jason held but it got kind of cranky. I was making small talk with the girl holding the koala and I asked 'So do you love your job?' I assumed she would say YES! I was a little concerned when she said "I do but I don't like working with her (the koala in front of me) She is just not very easy to control and we don't have a bond." I was like... ummmm should I be scared... Then the koala was acting weird so they took her away and back to the gum trees. I was glad. They brought me a new koala. :) It worked out.

We spent a few hours there and then headed into Brisbane. We walked around the malls and went downtown. Apparently it is Buddah's birthday. Red lanterns were hung all over the city. It was very pretty. Brisbane is a very clean well kept city. We went to dinner at Kims favorite Thai place. It was so good!! I had a honey something shrimp thing. YUM! After dinner we kept walking around Brissy. They even have a man made beach you can go to. AND it is free! How cool is that! We checked that out on our way to the rivercat. The Rivercat takes you like a normal city bus would from stop to stop but instead it is on the river. We just went up and looped back so we could look at the city lights. It was so pretty!

Then on the way home David and Kim stopped at the Mt. Coot-tha outlook. You can see all of Brissy from there. It was a great idea. It was so pretty. Unfortunately everyone else must have had the same idea. Haha. It seemed to be the 'date spot' for a LOT of people.

After that we got home and passed out. I got a shower and by the time I got out Jason was snoring lol. He doesn't usually snore so he must have been really beat.

We left Kims at 630 to take Jason to the airport. Ugh so early. Then we went back to her place. We decided we should go walk around Brisbane so off we went. We walked around the city and the malls. There are SOOOOOOOOOO many malls. It is just crazy! Then we went to the Botanical Gardens. It was really nice. Another beautiful day. :)

After that Kim and David brought me back to the Sunny Coast. Home again home again. SLEEP!

Today it was just time to catch up on my classes and everything I have been putting off. Oh and catching up on sleep would be good! I am already pretty much caught up on my classes just working ahead now. I also have been in contact with Ship (my school at home) and it looks like I will finish my undergraduate degree in Human Resources while taking a few Social work classes. I will graduate May 2016 with that degree and some social work classes. In May 2016 I will start my masters degree in social work. The classes I take in the next year will propel me into it. I am really excited about that! So I am almost all straightened out with that for when I come home. :) It is all coming together.

Tonight I went to Marnie's place and hung out with some great people. It was a perfect chill night! Now it is time to get some rest. Tomorrow some more school work and packing... I leave at 2:30pm for Byron Bay! I am so pumped!!! P.S. -Surprises to come from Byron y'all ;)

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