Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mon - Wed classes week 7

My week started bright and early Monday with my 8am HRM 211 class. I won't lie I really REALLY wanted to stay in bed! I had that class 8-11 and then my sustainability class 1-4. In between classes I worked on some projects for classes. In Sustainability we went on a field trip to the campus garden. It rained. I did not have an umbrella or jacket. It was cold. :( We are having unusually cold weather right now because of a big storm in Sydney.

But there are still kangaroos!

Right after class I went rock climbing with Tyler and Marnie. We went to the indoor place close by. It was actually really fun! I did well. Well I did well for me... considering last time I tried rock climbing I only got about 6 or 7 feet off the ground. This time I went all the way to the top of 3 different walls. I did them each a couple times! :) I also got partly up a couple other ones. So overall it was a win! :)

When I got back from rock climbing Pierick came and took Katja and I to get groceries. I was so tired. I knew I was getting sick, but I was fighting it. I went to bed as soon as I got home at about 830pm.

I slept until 9am. It sounds like a long time but I could have easily slept more. I got up to do some work for school and Skype home. I got to talk to my parents and Robert. It was nice :) I miss them!

I had my team meeting for HRM 311 at 1230. That is always a fun group. Then I met with my professor about a project at 2pm. I had a misunderstanding and got a somewhat crappy gade on the first project. That will NOT happen again. Then I had HRM 311 from 4-7. I got to talk to Chelle on my walk home which was really nice. I do miss everyone at home. The walk back to my apartment was pretty cold actually. Shorts was a bad choice. When I got back to the apartment I had homemade pizza and salad with Katja. Then I studied for my midterm the next morning. I also was feeling a little homesick for my friends so I opened another Nicole-o-gram ;)

I am so lucky to have a friend as awesome as her in my life! And to think she is one of a few that I have found who are truly amazing and supportive of me. I'm a lucky girl with the best circle of friends ever! :)

This morning I woke up and I am officially sick. Great. UGH.

I had my Supply Chain Mgt. class 8-10am. Then my midterm for that class at 10 and the meeting with my group from Hell right after the test.

First of all why are we having 2 hours of new material that is not on the test directly before the midterm? That is poorly designed if you want your students to succeed. Hence why only 7/24 people came to the class. It is ridiculous. Now the people who came are not focused on the right material for the test and the people who skipped missed out on the new material. This is a lose lose situation. What?!?

Anyway the test went alright. I feel pretty good about it. The meeting was a shit show. My group is just.... ugh. The one person is still off on a tangent. One person literally will not even look at me and didn't acknowledge my presence and the other is flip flopping a bit. I am still contemplating asking for a solo project. All I know is I need to sleep and get over this cold before I can focus. So even though it is about 12 noon... I am off to bed. Goodnight y'all. Goodbye Wednesday. I have no doubt Thursday will be better :)

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