Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tamborine Mountain

Today we went on an adventure. We were not entirely sure where we were going... but off we went! :) We went to Tamborine Mountain. The name is of no relation to the instrument. It is a name that comes from Aboriginal origins actually. The geological origin of the plateau is a lava flow from the Mount Warning volcanic eruption 22 million years ago! Crazy right?!? Anyway as we drove around up there we found this excellent view of the Gold Coast! :)

Ummmm and of course some fun pictures ;)

We also found a glow worm cave. Yep glow worms! This was a man made glow worm cave. We did not walk through but we did learn about glow worms So glow worm facts:
- they live less than a year
- they eat other insects
- Australia is home to 8/ 9 species of glow worm: the missing one being in New Zealand
- they have very powerful mouths and jaws
- theirs mouths are too small to bite humans
- they glow to attract food
- adults are unable to feed so they have to get their nutrients in the larval stage
- therefore adults do not glow... no need to attract food
- the light they produce is 99% light and only 1% heat
- OH!!! and there is a very cute??? little song.... it is such an Aussie song.

Then we went for a nice little hike in Tamborine National Park. It was an easy hike and very pretty.

And did I mention we found Fudge Heaven?

So overall I was a pretty happy camper. We drove back down the giant mountain through the beautiful trees.

It was a really nice day. Very relaxing! I always like hanging out with Kim. We always have a good time on any adventure :) The rest of tonight was just chill and resting which is just what I needed! We watched a terrible movie. Brave. Don't watch it. Ever. That little princess is such a spoiled awful person. Overall worst movie I have seen maybe ever! On the other hand we also watched Kung Fu Panda... which is a great movie :) All ended well :) I can't wait to see what is up for tomorrow!

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