Saturday, April 25, 2015


Friday I was finally feeling better. I slept pretty much the entire 2 previous days. I did teach Zumba Thursday night! It was really fun!! Then it was early bed for me :)

So anyway - Friday! Kim came up from Brissy and we messed around up here on the coast. We got some pizza at her favorite pizza place Pizza Capers. Yummmm!! It is  bit pricey but really good. OH! and I had a Dr. Pepper! They don't have that here anywhere!! She found me some I was so pumped!! It's not my favorite Dt. Dr. Pepper... but it will definitely do!

After lunch we went to an awesome new beach called Castaway Beach. It is so remote and so pretty! I love it! Oh and the best part... everyone brings their dog! :) I think this is my favorite beach on the Sunshine Coast!

Then we stopped quickly at Sunrise Beach... also very pretty. It mostly only had locals there too which is cool :) It definitely would not be a bad place to spend the day.

After that we wandered up the coast to Noosa. It is so pretty. We had a perfect day for walking around! First we stopped at the spit. It was pretty cool. The spit is where the ocean meets Noosa River. There were a lot of people fishing there. Apparently it is a great place for fishing!

We also went down to the edge and walked around the corner of Noosa. I took so many many pictures... it is a bit ridiculous...

I love gum trees. Well I specifically love the silver gum trees. The red ones are a bit creepy, but the silver ones are so cool. I kind of hate that so many of them have names and crap carved in them. :(

We wandered around Noosa for a while and up and down Hasting St.

After a big day of walking we headed down to Brisbane. I had Noodle Box for the first time... I must say it is pretty yummy! Another good call Kim! What would I do without you? :)

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