Sunday, March 1, 2015

Well this has been an interesting 1st weekend...

My first weekend has been less adventurous than I had hoped. I have a bit of  foot this going on so I have been in and out of the doctors since Wednesday. Today it is starting to get better I think. The doctors instructions were keep it cool, dry, clean, elevated, and ice it.... ummm... I am in Australia! That is pretty hard to do. So have been basically on house arrest, but I have tried to make the most of it. 

I skyped with my parents and Chelle and Linda. I also got to finally Skype Robert!! I am really excited about how happy he is with his new job!  Oh! AND Mitch and Jodi and the kids were visiting Chelle so I got Skype them too! I am just a Skyping fool right here.

I did meet some people today and they gave me a ride to the grocery store so that was fun! It was proabably a little awkward.... Well a lot awkward. I literally said "Hi I am Sarah. I'm American. I need to get to the store for a treatment for my rash on my foot and I have no car. Can you take me there and back? I can give you like $10". It worked out really well they were very nice and I got where I needed to go :)

Also since I have been stuck in here I watched a few movies this weekend... The Silver Lining Playbook... by far the best movie I have seen in a while. I have Jaksen to thank for that. He has so many movies and he was kind enough to loan them to me while I barricaded myself in the apartment. 

Every night I have gotten to spend some time with my new friends. Tonight we made homemade pizza with mushroom, asparagus, sausage, and onion. We also had a phenomenal steak salad with mango, asparagus, all kinds of good stuff! Oh! AND Raphael cooked some kangaroo... not bad honestly. I got super lucky having some people who can cook! We also had another movie night tonight, which is perfect for my feet :) It was nice to spend time with people and not have to sacrifice healing my feet.

Other than that I got things all cleaned up here and I am ready for school to start tomorrow. Offically day one of classes!! Wish me luck! :)

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