Monday, March 30, 2015

Sunday study day/ hike Mt. Coolum - Monday SCHOOL

Sunday was nice sleep in kind of day after a long weekend. :) I skyped with Chelle and Linda and my parents. Most of the day was devoted to school though. I did a good amount of studying for my 'midterm' and I completely changed my poster for my sustainability class. Then we went hiking again at Mt. Coolum. I love that hike it is not terribly hard, hell people run it all the time and time themselves, but it always takes my breath. Ugh I am just not used to that type of movement I guess. It is always really fun though.

Then we went back home. WE ordered pizza for the first time here... be aware... it is a pretty unorganized process and VERY expensive.

After the pizza it was time to get back to work. I worked on my poster. I decided to change it because I just knew that I would have to battle everyone in my class. I am not afraid of a little battle but honestly when it can be avoided why fight?! My original topic was in support of safe fracking in PA. I believe it can be done safely. I also believe there are better alternatives to be found than natural gas but until then natural gas is still heaps better than coal! We have to keep the world going 'round!

I decided instead to look into chemical dumping in water bodies in PA. This spurred me on to do more research into the area that I live. I looked into a superfund that I knew happened in the 70's ish where my parents are from. I knew they brought the hazmat team. It was called the Bruin lagoon. The site began operating during the 1930s as a disposal site for petroleum refining wastes. Until the 1970s, Bruin Lagoon was used for the disposal of wastes from mineral oil production, motor oil reclamation, crude storage tanks, and spent bauxite from mineral oil infiltration. The primary contaminants at the site were sulfuric acid, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and heavy metals. In 1980, the lagoon overflowed, spilling approximately 3,000 gallons of acidic sludge into Bear Creek which borders the east side of the site. The spill killed more than three million fish in Bear Creek and the Allegheny and Ohio rivers. That is pretty crazy! Right in our back yard. Also why was there little to no news on this??!

Then I looked into the town on fire that is less 2 hours from where I live. I kept researching superfunds. Oh btw we live in 2 active ones at Letterkenny? Ok. Nice to know. Anyway needless to say I was pretty ovewhelmed and took a break to take a walk and talk to Jaksen.

This morning I had my first test. It was a 'midterm' for HRM 211 Staffing & Remuneration. I was really nervous honestly. It is my first test in Australia!! The class usually starts at 8 but she said we would start the test at 830 so that if you are running late etc. you won't be late. I got there at 810 thinking I was 20 minutes early... nope. I was 10 minutes late for a 30 minute review. That would have been nice to know as I was sitting on campus since 745 anyway! Ugh. Good news though! I do think the test went well. So I guess we shall see. Also I saw some crazy food while in the cafe. AND I saw this kangaroo sign... how did I not see this before?

After that I assumed we would have class since the test was only 40 minutes long. Nope. Wrong again. This worked out though. I got to meet with my group for the MGT 130 project. It was slightly less painful today. We actually accomplished some stuff :) We did a bit of storming as a group and I did a lot of holding my tongue.... but now we have a direction and we have started the actual paper.

After that I think I was confused. I may have unintentionally skipped my tutorial for HRM 211. I usually go there directly after lecture. So I was all out of whack getting out of the lecture early. Oops. I have literally never skipped a class before so... that is new for me. Well I have never skipped a Uni class without a good reason. Let's say that.

I went home and called the post office. Katja has had some issues getting her package from her family for her birthday. I called them, pretended to be Katja, and I think it is all straightened out. It should be here tomorrow. :)

Then I took a nap and literally almost missed another class! What the heck Sarah!?! Get it together. I literally walked in as she was shutting the door. I completely miscalculated how much time I had. Ugh. No worries though! I made it! All is good!

My sustainability class went pretty well actually! (for the most part) I am glad that I went with the clean water. It is so nice... to be nice... to the nice... ;)

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