Thursday, June 18, 2015

Back to the Sunshine Coast + First 2 Final Exams!!

I hate it but we had to leave Cairns :( but at least we got a good brekky!!

And crepes?

The market is pretty cool :)

Then we caught the plane back to Brissy.

We were so tired when we finally got home.... shuttle... plane... train... bus... ugh. Sleep was my friend!

The next day I had my first final. Obviously I had been studying a lot! ... Well.... anyway... I studied that day ;) I put in a good study time then I had my first exam. It is so weird. All exams are held in the sports center or the auditorium. They are so strict. No bags. No hats. No bottles with labels. Only water. No anything. It was so crazy. Anyway the exam actually went pretty well I think :) I guess we shall see.

Then next day I had time to show Lindsey around more. We walked around campus and found kangaroos :)

Then we went to Mooloolaba with Katja for coffee :)

AND the Aussie burger!!! :) YUMMMM!

That night I taught zumba and started studying for my 2nd exam the next day.

Wednesday we woke up and Lindsey headed to Mooloolaba for the day and I studied. Well I attempted to study. I also had lunch with Katja... and coffee...

Anyway I studied enough and headed for my 2nd exam. It went pretty well too I think to be honest! :) I also saw a bunch of kangaroos on my way to the exam so that is always nice!

After the final I headed home and we planned out Lindsey's last 4 days... Tomorrow we set off for Stradbroke! :) My favorite!! :)

- Cheers!

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