Monday, June 8, 2015

Sydney with Lindsey and Allison - Day 1 flights/ Vivid Sydney

It is finally time for Sydney!! Allison and I have been so excited about this trip! We will be there for Vivid Sydney! They light up the whole city! It is going to be so great! We took the bus to the airport and ended up on the wrong bus... but no worries we needed a little walk. We still made it with plenty of time. We also got to see more Aussies in their natural habitat... no shoes+ no shirt + airport... lol I love it.

Finally we made it to Sydney. Lindsey met us at the hostel. She only has one small backpack! I am soooooo impressed! She is here for 3 weeks with just that tiny backpack. Not only just the time, but also we will be in very different climates! It was cold in Sydney and will be HOT in Cairns!

So we dropped off our stuff and hit the road. We walked around downtown Sydney during Vivid. It was really neat! We grabbed dinner and some drinks and saw some amazing lights!

The crazy thing about the Opera House that I didn't know is that it changes on a loop. Most of the lights displays are actually on loops!

At the and of the night we were all pretty tired and headed back to the hostel for some sleep!

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