Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cairns - Day 5 Daintree Rainforest/ Crocodile adventure!

This trip went by so fast!!! It is already our last day and we have a Daintree Rainforest tour booked!

We drove up to Daintree on a really pretty beach drive. When we got there we got to be a part of a smoke ceremony. It is for welcome and purification.

Then we headed off on our first hike for the day.

I was a little cool but mostly the water was too high and it was a little too dangerous for swimming.

After that we hopped on a vehicle ferry across the Daintree River. This is the oldest Rainforest in the world!! HOW neat! :)

Then we hopped out for another hike.

The top of the picture below is a strangler fig. It gets it's name because the seeds are dropped in bird droppings onto other trees. Then  the Fig slowly grows down to the ground. Eventually it strangles the host trees and the host tree dies leaving only the fig. Nature is so crazy and so cool! :)

We even licked ants. They we lime green and very sour. Don't worry the ant doesn't die. It is more of a lick and release.

After that we headed to the closest beach. We grabbed some lunch and set off again!

On our drive back we even stopped for ice cream!!! Now this is my kind of tour yall! ;) It is all 100% natural and homemade. There were some very strange flavors!!!

We even saw a Cassowary!!! They are so rare to see and we saw one right as we got off the bus to go to the lookout! We almost didn't stop because it was raining a bit. He asked if anyone wanted to get off anyway and we were like 'of course! why not?'. We are sooooo lucky!!!

The lookout was very pretty too :)

After that we made our way back to the Daintree river. This time we took a Crocodile cruise across.

And yep! We saw some Crocs!!

We saw lots of other wildlife too :)

After a packed day it was time to hit the road home to Cairns.

We sang pretty much the whole way back. A girl plugged her iPod in and her music was so good! :)

After a big day we ate dinner and took a nap. We got up ad went out. I felt like we couldn't not go out at least one night!?!?! So off we went. It as fun. Dancing and music! :) A good time was had by all!

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