Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Last week of classes before finals

Wow! I can hardly believe it! It is already the last week of class! That is crazy to me!

I went to my class Monday morning. We did some review for the final and got out early! Win! After that I worked in the library for a while on my SUS paper.

Some of the girls wanted to do more Zumba, so we made a plan to have class in the rec center at our apartment. I was pretty pumped. :)

Later Monday I went to my last Sustainability class. Honestly, it was a bit of a waste of time. I love my professor... but... yeah. I should have stayed in the library working on my  paper. Too late now.

After class we had zumba. It was really fun so we decided to do it Tuesday and Wednesday too.

Tuesday I spent most of the day finalizing our final project for HRM 311 and going to that last class. I also finished my paper for sustainability! Woohoo! We did zumba again and off to bed.

Now it is Wednesday. I can't believe how fast this week is flying by! I just went to my last class at USC! Weird. Now I just have to finish all my study guides for my finals and zumba tonight. After zumba we will have some wine and maybe a family movie night :) I leave tomorrow with Allison for Sydney. I want to have all my study guides ready for my flights to and from Sydney and Carins because we get back the 14th and my first final is the 15th. ;) No worries y'all I got this!

OH! And Lindsey is here! Well not here... she just got to Sydney though, so I will meet up with her tomorrow when I get to Sydney. I am pretty excited about the next few weeks! Vivid Sydney, the Opera House, the bridge, Cairns, the Pyramid, the castle, the Great Berrier Reef, and Daintree Rainforest! It going to be whirlwind! Then home in 1 month!

A little teaser of my next couple weeks:

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  1. I am jealous!! Take heaps of pictures of the different colors of the opera house! Also....take a few from the evening ferry......the best sunsets come from the direction of the Manly ferry ride. ;-)