Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cairns - Day 2 road trip!!

We decided to rent a car for the day and do the waterfall loop. We had our map.. but I am so glad we got the GPS!

It was sprinkling rain on and off but still soooooooooooo pretty!!!

We stopped at Coffee Works. For $14 you can sample unlimted coffees and and chocolates. Unfortunately it was poor timing. We had had coffee about an hour before and weren't wanting more... so it was very cute place but we powered on... lots to do!

We then stopped at Granite Gorge. After some crazy roads and a pissed off GPS we pulled in. We made friends right away with Willy! He is so cuddly!!! Then we met some crazy looking guinea pigs.

After that we took the gorge walk. We got to hang out and feed wallabies! They are so cute!! I hate that they are endangered :(

The walk was sos pretty. It started out pretty normal...

There were random wallabies.. strangler figs... rocks...

Then it got a little more tricky...

We came across some dinosaur footprints!!

Then for bit no pictures... it was a pretty tough climb honestly... How did we not have to sign  a waiver?!?! One poorly chosen step you could seriously have hurt yourself!

We even saw a momma and her baby!!! TOOOO CUTE!!!!

We made it back in one piece with only small slips and a few scrapes... it was really awesome!!! That said I do think they need to warn people a bit... and call it a moderate to hard hike... not a 'gorge walk'.

After the walk we met Smudge. He is a carpet python.

I don't know why I look so comfortable... I was freaking out!

Anyway after that we headed back to the car and hit the road!

We stopped at Gallo Dairyland for lunch. We had some Aussie drinks and chocoalate! :) Yum! The panini and caesar salad was good too!

After lunch we stopped and checked out Malanda Falls.

Then Millaa Millaa Falls! We just had to get in of course!!! :)

Cold... but fun!

Then we kept on driving through the amazing countryside.

We stopped at Zillie Falls.

We hiked in the rainforest a bit :)

The next stop was Mungalli Falls. I was a really big one!

More pretty driving!

While driving we saw Crawford lookout so in honor of my friend Jennifer in TN we stopped. It was actually stunning!

Finally we made it to our last stop Paronella Park. We arrived at 612... just in time for the 615 night walk! We had no idea about that... but the timing was so perfect! It is suuuuuuuuuuuch a pretty place. A guy always dreamed of building a castle... so he did!

After all that we had had enough adventure for one day! We headed home. We made it back around 930 and we more than ready for showers and bed!

Big day tomorrow!!!! ;)

- Cheers

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