Thursday, June 11, 2015

Carins - Day 1 travel/ karaoke night

We got up early and hit the road. Our flight was not until 1230, but we had to take the earliest bus/train combo from Sunshine Coast to Brissy because the next one would have gotten us to the airport at 1205... that just would not work! So instead we had plenty of time at the airport to grab coffee and get pumped up for our trip!

The plane ride was only about 2 hours. We talked to a local and got some more recommendations. Luckily I have a few local friends who have already given me some cool recommendations! :)

We also saw some weird signs... Shoes that make men taller... and directions about how to use a toilet properly like a human... so that is all good to know. After that Lindsey and I took a taxi to our hotel. It was a pretty quick ride. We checked in and found our room. It is a pretty good hostel in all honesty!
I am really glad we sprung the extra $5/ night for a private room though. I feel good about it. Plus the location of the room is so perfect. The Jack (our hostel) is a a pretty big party hostel. It is good that our room is on the far outside so we can go to bed pretty easily whenever we want. :) Also we get free Wifi AND dinner! AND the dinner is actually really good!!

We walked around a little and got to know the Cairns some. We stopped at some travel agents offices. I wasn't sure we would be we actually book anything through them... but we did! I am so glad for it! We got much better prices than list prices!

Then we wandered back to our hostel for dinner and karaoke.

It started slow... but it got out of hand...

I got some fans ;)

And a dancer...

Eventually even Lindsey took the mic!

A good time was had by all! :)

That is all for day 1!
- Cheers!

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