Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rainbow Beach + Carlo Sandblow

For Lindsey's last day in Australia we drove up to Rainbow Beach. I was excited to share it with her! I think the sandblow is just incredible!!!!

We had perfect weather for it! Warm enough... but not hot... no rain.. perfect tide height... it was great!

After taking a wrong route we found the walkway to part of the sandblow. We made our way all the way down to the beach. The tide was at a good spot we could walk back up the beach to where we started. We even saw some very brave 4-wheel drivers.

After that we made our way back to the car and drove to the top of the sandblow. We hiked in and bam! there we were. I was just as impressed as before. Lindsey was impressed too. She wasn't very impressed at first, but it really does get to ya! We even had a mini photo shoot haha

We walked all the way down to the bottom... and all the way back up ;)

After that we went to the beach for a bit. Lindsey built a sandcastle thing and I took a walk. It was such amazing weather!

After all that we headed home in time to pack and watch a movie with Lisa before heading to bed.

The next day (today) I took Linds to the airport at 630 am. After that Katja and I went to the grocery store and post office then dropped off the rental car. Then.... I took a nap haha

Tonight we went to dinner with  a big group. It was very fun. We also saw a movie. It was the Pixaar movie about the brain. It is very good. Go see it :)

Now time for sleep... I have my last final tomorrow!!!! Woohoo! :)

I am more and more ready to go home all the time. I love it here but I miss my friends at home.

- Cheers ya'll :)