Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cairns - Day 4 road trip again!

We started out the day with some good brekky. That is alwasy a great way to start the day. We decided to go to the same car rental place and get a car again. The plan was to go back to Paronells during the day this time then work our way up to Port Douglas... That was the plan...

We stopped first at Josephine Falls. I am so glad we stopped! It was so pretty!

The picture below shows the 'natural slide' that locals slide down. The water was really high and running really fast so we decided that looked like a really bad idea.

It would have been really fun... but I would rather not die or break a bone out here in the middle of nowhere. Especially since there was a sign about high risk of deaths... yeah...

Then we wandered down to the Golden Hole. It was kind of odd. It was a big field with lots of rocks and a really great mountain view. Also it had river access. The river access we soon found out in inhabited by crocodiles. 'Attacks may cause injury or death'. We had been walking pretty quickly but after we read the sign our pace was more of a creep... take a picture... creep away... haha it was pretty funny and we did not see any crocs. (We also didn't wait around looking either)

After that we hit the main road and made our way to Paronella Park. It was very pretty during the day. We decided to take the day tour. Before the tour we grabbed a quick scone and Lindsey braided my hair, which was funny because my Timehop app on my phone showed me that we did that 3 years ago too!!! ;) Life is funny.

We learned a lot and I was happy to see the park during the day.

We even walked across the shakey old bridge!

After Paronella we headed off to Mamu. They have a skywalk over the rainforerst! it was pretty great!

We even climbed up this giant tower. It was very impressive!

After that we stopped at Lake Eacham. It was almost dark so we couldn't do any of the nature walks. It was still very pretty though!

We tried so hard to fit everything in! The Curtain Fig Tree... it was so dark... I shined my headlights down the path... but it must have been just a little too far back... and it was just too dark.

For some reason we decided to still go up to Port Douglas for dinner. The GPS took us on some crazy roads!!!! We were zigging and zagging through the mountains

We did finally make it to Port Douglas...

Then we headed home and went to bed!!! SLEEP!!!
- Cheers

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