Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cairns - Day 3 SCUBA on the Great Berrier Reef!

We were planning on going snorkeling... as scuba diving kind of scares the buhjesus out of me... but tat changed. Off we went on a scuba adventure. The day was kind of gray and cloudy with a lot of wind. The ride out to the reef spots was sooooooooooo choppy! I have never been sick on a boat... well I mean not I have. I would say about 75-80% of the people on board threw up and everyone averaged about 6 bags per person.

It was terrible. There was vomit everywhere. The whole thing smelled like vomit. Ummm it was pretty rough I won't lie.

Finally we made it to the spot to stop. Thank God! Now it was time to suit up and go scuba diving. I was not exactly thrilled to still sick squeezing into a wet suit about to submerged... but nevertheless I pushed onward. After what seemed like forever I got the suit on and they strapped me into the tank and weights.

We sat on the edge of the back of the boat then one at a time were instructed to hold out goggles and mouthpieces and the back of heads and shove off. I have a pretty hard time with snorkel masks honestly. They always pop off so I was so nervous about that happening. They taught us what to do if we get water in the mask, what to do if we get water in our mouth, how to pop out ears to equalize the pressure, and what to do if the mouthpiece comes out.

We went about 1 meter down (3 feet) and held on to a metal bar. He had all 4 of us in the group practice all 4 safety measures. I won't lie... taking the mouthpiece out is soooooooo scary. We all did it so we proceeded down.

It was opposite of climbing a rope. We descended down the rope stopping every meter to equalize. I had no idea but my singing background kind of makes me an excellent diver... well that might be a stretch... maybe an excellent equalizer is more accurate. By raising my soft pallet it pops my ears. I don't even need to plug my nose and swallow. Talent man. Talent.

We got down about 5 meters (16.5 feet) and we were on the ocean floor. We all just took in the surroundings a bit. We even got to meet Wally the Napoleon Maori Wrasse. He is a crazy huge fish and it just so happens he loves our camera man. They have been friends since Wally was just a little baby.

Oh and we found Nemo!

That dive was pretty quick. After the dive we snorkeled a little too :)

It was so incredible. I had only planned on one dive but... I figured what the heck why not do it again?! I am already out here! So I was just as scared the second time but off I went.

This time we had more weights on us. We also were out a lot longer and went much deeper. We went 8-8.5 meters (26-30ft). We even got to swim on our own a bit which was pretty awesome and insanely scary all at once. Also it is so odd... I felt like we were swimming in the same direction for soooooooooooooo long! It is so easy to get disoriented... I kept thinking... is he trying to kill us? If I run out of oxygen I can unclip my weight belt and I thought I could probably make it to the top... If I did not make it I was like, well at least this is an interesting story... but I think my family will be sooooooooo mad... since they don't even know I am down here... Haha I know this is dumb but you gotta have an out plan man!

Anyway... he didn't kill us. We made it! After all me stupid worrying we saw boat steps. :)

The ride back in was a lot better. We made it home in time to get our free dinner at the hostel and go to bed :)


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