Monday, June 8, 2015

Sydney Day 2 - Botanic Garden/ Cathedrals/ Hyde Park/ Opera House/ Night Life + Day 3 - Manly Beach/ Uggs/ Vivid Sydney by boat

This was our first real full day in Sydney! We were pretty pumped and ready for a lot of walking! We set off for the Royal Botanic Gardens. We found these amazing stairs with the skyline in the back! Very cool! :)

It is funny they really don't drink Fosters beer here but we did come across this! :) Then we went to an art meuseum. OH! and I found a really big tree :)

We then headed to see some really amazing cathedrals! I love it!! They are so beautiful and ornate!

We walked though more of the Botanic Gardens. It was such  a pretty day!

We also found a bird haven! ;)

After a while we made it down by the Opera House :)

Then Hyde Park!

That night we went back to the hostel and took a short nap then it was time to go out! We went out with a friend of a friend of a friend and ended up at a really fun bar then a very cool party in Bondi Beach. It was great!

Maybe too many drinks... and so many leaughs we caught a cab home and hit the hay!

The next morning we grabbed a later brekky then headed off to Manly Beach.

The ferry ride was so nice!

Mnayly is so pretty! Another wonderful day for walking around! The water is so clear! We were all really impressed by the clarity.

We grabbed dinner and beers at a German style pub. It was so good. We split a sausage sampler thing and some pretzels. I am not much of a beer girl... but I had a really nice cider!

I met a dog! :) I miss Murphy sooooooo much!!!!

Before we caught the ferry back we grabbed some yummy gelato!

I am so pumped! I bought some Uggs! I never thought I would! I always thought they were a bit I almost bought some cute ones (like the ones I got today) a few years ago when I worked at Dillards but I couldn't get over the price. Now I found some uggs I really like and for a price I liked too!!!! ;)

Then... more Vivid Sydney!!

Allison and I even went on the ferry at night! It was so amazing! :) We picked the perfect ferry.

After that it was time to turn in!



  1. Glad you're having fun!! I knew you would buy uggs!!!! ������