Monday, June 8, 2015

Sydney Day 4 Bridge/ food/ Les Miserables/ Darling Harbor + Day 5 home

Morning fo day 4! Last full day in Sydney. WE started with some brekky again! Toast and Neutella.

After brekky we headed to the Harbor Bridge. We walked across it and climbed the tower but we did not climb the whole bridge. $250 is just too darn much for climbing the bridge. I can't make it make sense. We still saw some AMAZING views!

After the bridge we headed off for some lunch at a classic Aussie place. We had emu, kangaroo, crocodile... all on pizza!

We walked down through the Rocks and found a pretty cute little market!

Finally it was time for Les Mis!!! We have been pumped up about this show for a while now! It was sooooooooooooooooooo amazing! The aactors did a phenomenal job! :) A bawled like a baby... I know I know not surprising! lol

After I was done crying and got myself back together we headed to Darling harbor for the water lights show! It was so neat! :)

We finally went home and SLEPT! We were all soooooo tired!

This morning we got up and grabbed some brekky and coffee. I decided brunch was the way to go.

Then we headed to the airport! :) Time to go home to the Sunshine Coast! As much fun as Sydney was I was so glad to be coming home! :)

Home sweet home :)

We did some laundry and got real showers. It was really nice. Then Katja, Lindsey and I went to campus looking for kangaroos! We found them :) After that Leah met us and we grabbed some Thai food. I really wanted to take Lindsey for that burger at Hot Pipis but the burger is only served at lunch. So we had Thai. It was yummy :) 

After all that we watched some trash TV and packed for our trip tomorrow to Cairns!


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