Monday, June 1, 2015

back to real life - well real life kind of

Saturday morning Kim and I took off for the Sunshine coast. It was so nice of her to bring me back! It worked for both of us. I had too much to carry on the bus and she needed to pick up stuff from my apartment. She is leaving soon for the US so I needed to give her the paintings and bed stuff etc. that I had borrowed. It is so odd to think we might not see each other again until I am in the US! Anyway we drove up... and of course we had to stop at Coolum :)

We went to a couple different beaches that were really private. It was so nice! The rocks were tan, gray, black, and purple! :) So cool!

When I got home I had gotten some mail while I was away! Trisha and Bob sent me a postcard :) That is so sweet! I love getting mail! I am already looking forward to Trisha and I's random Red Robin date! :)

I also got to open another Nicole letter! I haven't really been angry at all since I have been here. I am a pretty chill person so I rarely get super mad. But... this girl. Anyway long story short... I opened the 'when someone really pisses you off' card. :) It cracked me up so much! I was in my room alone laughing so loudly... I probably should have been embarrassed... but nope. #noshame

That is why we are best friends. Bahaha "Go ahead and punch them square in the mouth. I have bail money." She is so great! Anyway the next day I spent the day with my other half here. Katja and I went to the beach. It was nice weather but super cloudy. 

The clouds were pretty awesome though!

We came home and found Raphael. He went wake boarding again. His foot was still not healed from last time... and he literally did exactly the same thing he did last time. So Katja and I took care of him. Ice - 20 minutes on 20 minutes off. Then we had family dinner and watched some TV.

Poor Raphael. Crazy boy. I also got over halfway done with my last big paper! Then I hit the hay. My last week of classes starts in the morning!


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