Saturday, May 30, 2015

Stradbroke Island day 8 + Goodbye

What?!? How is it already their last full day here?! That is so crazy! Today we went to Stadbroke Island. We drove to Cleveland and caught the Straddie Ferry.

The weather was so great! It was warm with clear skys.

We did the gorge walk. First we could see the Coral Sea which is green then after we walked around the corner and it is the Pacific Ocean which is dark blue. In the Coral Sea we saw some pods of dolphins! It was crazy! We saw so many dolphins!!! I can guess between 20-25 dolphins. Win!

The walk was perfect!

They really take really great care of the walk area. It is easy to walk and safe.

After the gorge walk we gabbed some lunch. Mom and I split a shrimp wrap. It was yummy!

We went to the little shopping center and picked up an extra suitcase so my parenst could take back all the stuff they bought... well no... that is not true. Maybe the suitcase was for some stuff I sent home... I pleade the 5th.

Then I saw a Panera!!! I miss Panera!! It is not called Panera but it is Panera! ;)

After that we headed back home and packed. Then we walked up the street to some shops and restaurants. We passed by some boccie ball players. They take it so seriously here! Scoreboards... little outfits... it is so cute!

We ate at Grill'd. It was so yummy! :) I love this place. I am glad I got to share this place with them.

Finally we walked back to the hotel. We were so sleepy. It was a looooooong week.

The next morning they headed home. I was actually sadder this time than when I left the US. Katja says it was because them being here made me realize just how much I miss home. I think she is completely right.

I waited until their plane took off then I headed to Kims. We had a girls day walking around the mall and catching up. It was really fun and really good to have someone to spend time with to keep away the lonely feeling that was creeping in. :) I bought a Pandora charm with a kangaroo and the Australian Southern cross on it. My Dad wanted me to buy something that would last and be nice for a memory. I think it is perfect!

I also got a Japanese pastry... yuummm!

Cheers! :)

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  1. We had a FANTASTIC vacation with you, Sarah! Glad we got to share part of your adventure with you.