Wednesday, May 20, 2015

24 hours!

I was planning on getting up for yoga at 7 then class 8-10 and then tutorial 10-11 then a meeting with the team at 11.... I had some trouble getting to sleep... I got up at 8... did some work at home and then went to the tutorial at 10. The group meeting went pretty well actually :) I think we are pretty much done! Woohoo! Also it took less time than expected so I went home and grabbed some lunch before heading to Brissy. Raphael came out to talk to me then he couldn't be bothered to move all the way (about 6-7ft) to his bed.

He cracks me up. I packed my stuff and hit the road. This time I went all the way to Kims :) It was about an extra hour of bus time but it worked out pretty well! :)

It was such a pretty day today!! It was so warm and sunny! I hope it stays this way for my family!!! :)

Now I am at Kims and she is sewing some of my clothes that I didn't realize were falling apart.... haha oh well. :) That is why I have talented friends like Kim! Now just time to relax and get ready for an early day to meet my parents at the airport :) Yay girls night!


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