Monday, May 11, 2015

Sunday funday!

Sunday morning I woke up and had brekky again in my favorite brekky place! Today Kim made me a pineapple banana smoothie! yummm! It was Mothers Day so I felt like I should be making something for her... but I am still a guest so it is hard to be a host and a guest. After brekky Kim was celebrating Mother's Day with her man so I headed home early.

Off to the train station we went! :)

There are no trash cans in the train stations in Brissy. I asked the people who work there adn apparently the terror risk is too high for trash cans.. that is a bit odd.

This train was pretty different from the last train. I was pretty comfortable though! :) I kicked back and listened to my music.

I have some awesome music on my iPod!

My iPod knows me so well! :)

I made it home at 2 then got ready to meet some friends at Solbar in Maroochydore. It was so much fun :) The music was alright but the atmosphere was great. I stayed until about 6.

Then time to head to dinner with Katja and her parents in Mooloolaba. I was so excited that they asked me to dinner on their last night here! It was so nice being with a family. I definitly miss my family after that and I am really glad they are coming soon!

Dinner was very good and company was even better. I can totally see why Katja is so awesome :)

I made them selfie with me... just like I force Katja ;)

After a big day and a BIG weekend I was ready to be in bed! So I bused on back to Uni and walked back to my apartment.

I did some blogging and email checking... then... Sleeeeeeeep! :)

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