Monday, May 18, 2015

Adventure day! Coochiemudlo Island :)

We headed out Saturday morning at 8 am :) We were not exactly sure where we were going but off we went! It took us about 45 minutes and no wrong turns ;) and we were there. The Coochiemudlo ferry runs every 30 minutes. Our timing was perfect! It was like they held the ferry for us!

The boat ride was only about 30 minutes so that was pretty easy. The water was kind of rough becasue it was sooooooooooo windy! We got off the ferry and headed off to wander around. It is not a very big island. It is about a 5km walk (3 mile) all the way around.  

We headed straight through to the other side. We passed lots of little houses. It is a very cute not very devolped island. It is VERY quite. Well, I take that back. It is very quiet other than the birds. I feel like it should be renamed bird island. They are really loud and all over the place! It is so nice and untouched. I also love all the giant trees :) I have become quite a treehugger here. :)

We found the beach!

This beach was really nice! The wind wasn't too bad on this side of the island. We wandered up the beach and took pictures. It was so empty. If it was just a bit warmer it would have been the perfect beach day.

The water was very calm on this side of the island. There were some very pretty shells! I picked up  a few to add to my collection of shells from all over Australia. I was a bit nervous that the spiral ones had animals in them still... but all is good :) They are empty ;)

After that beach we walked back to the front of the island. We then walked around he east side of the island and walked the whole half of the island. it was so pretty and still so vacant.

Finally we had had enough wind so we took the ferry back just in time. The wind was crazy and we could see the rain coming. We made it back to the car before the rain came.

We decided to head to the mall. Why not!? We went to a couple malls actually. It was a nice afternoon walking around. We are all malls mouses by nature :)

After our mall trip we headed home.. I had been craving one of Kim's cupcakes all day :) So I was pretty happy to head home.

I really am not sure why we were sleepy. It had not been that crazy of a day but after dinner and wine... and a cupcake... we were ready for sleep.

I got to wake up and have brekky in my favorite brekky spot. Kim's Rainforest Cafe ;) We had bacon, eggs and toast. Yum!

After brekky we headed downtown Brisbane. We went to the giant mall and walked around before Katja and I caught our train home.

Apparently in Germany it is a 60 euro fine to put your feet up on the chair across from you... Katja and I are such rule breakers.

We made it home just as the rain was coming on hard. I did a little school work and went to the gym. Katja and I made dinner. I dumped some pasta sauce on the floor. Good job Sarah. Luckily not homemade sauce just can sauce so so worries. :)

I also put aside some things I am sending home with my parents that I am not using.... clothes... etc. I am so sad to send my heels home. I never wear them here. I refuse to send both pairs back so just this one will go home for now.

After my overly dramatic sadness about my shoes, I Skyped with Chelle then headed to bed. :)


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