Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Last school week before my parents come!

Monday morning I got up and it was pouring outside! I decided I would just listen to the lecture online instead of trying to fight through the rain. It was a good choice. It was a mini monsoon. I got a lot done at home though. I am really trying to get everything finished before my parents come! It would be great to not have to worry about school stuff while they are here. I want to be able to show them around and share this wonderful place.

I went to my afternoon class SUS 101. I do like that class. The professor is really great. She a kind person who is very passionate about the subject which is great. Then Zoe gave Katja and I a ride to Woolys. I didn't need much since I am only here for 2 more days then I will be with my parents! :)

Then it was time for Zumba! :) It was suuuuuch a pretty walk! :) I had to snap a few pics of campus.

Zumba time! I miss my classes so much! I can't wait to get back to it in July!

Everyone had a blast and got super sweaty again :) It is so funny everyone says 'I can't do it - I can't move like you' and then bam! Everyone is sweating and having a blast! I love it!

After zumba we got poured on on the way home. The monsoon decided to start again. We went home and showered and made steak wraps for dinner. It was a good night :)

Allison came over to plan out or Sydney trip but the internet as usual was acting like a pain in the rear so we ended up watching some married at first sight show and the weirdest most complicated movie ever with Katja and Raphael. It was one of those movies with too many story lines... it was just complicated. Also it wasn't good but it was intriguing enough that we just had to finish it. UGH.

Finally it ended and we all went to bed.

Tuesday morning I Skyped with my parents. They are coming here tomorrow!!! Woohoo!! I am so excited! Well they leave tomorrow and get here in a couple days.

After that I headed off to my meeting for HRM 311... so it is at 1230... I had it in my head 1030...

Needless to say I was a bit early. It worked out though I worked on my blog and worked on my school stuff. It was very productive.

A couple hours later we had a quick meeting and all was back on track :)

I also met with my sustainability professor. It was a good meeting. I wanted to make sure I was on track with my final essay since I am missing class next week ;) Turns out I should be good to go!

Tuesday night I went to class and my tut... even though I really wanted to skip haha. Then Katja made dinner. She made her zucchini meat feta thing. It was great! :)

After that, Allison and I started researching our Sydney trip :) I was there for about 45 minutes and Katja texted me "I am watching a scary movie. It is too scary. Can you come home?" Lol We are such an old married couple lol it just cracks me up!

Then off to bed :)

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