Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Rainbow Beach and Carlo Sandblow - Day 4

Today we got up and Dad made brekky :) We had some eggs and toast! It was very good! Then we hit the road. Today was Rainbow Beach day! It is the longest drive we have planned.

Mom even drove some of the way! :)

The weather was really good! It was pretty windy and little cool but we got really lucky. There were people in swimsuits laying out and even people swimming! We decided to just walk up and down the beach. It was really pretty but less rainbowy than I had expected. The rocks we found on the beach on the other hand were very rainbowy! They were red and orange and yellow and purple and blue and black! It was pretty cool!

We even saw some horses! ;) Then we grabbed some lunch. There was a mini shower while we ate so the timing was perfect!

After lunch we headed over to Carlo Sandglow. I had no idea what to expect.

We made it there by luck. Then we hit the trail!

It was not a long walk at all and we were at one of the most incredible things I have ever seen in my life. It was like stepping onto another planet! We were so amazed! There was sooooo much sand!! I was like a little kid! Haha we walked all over it! :)

I felt like we were in the Sahara or something!

It is pretty incredible!

And... did I mention the trees?!?! More awesome trees! :)

The drive back was very pretty too. It rained some but nothing bad and we even saw a rainbow.

When we got back to Mooloolaba we took another beach walk. It was a really pretty sunset!

Then we hit TAPS for dinner. They have all kinds of beers mostly local on tap. It is pretty cool place. None of us really appreciate as much as some beer snobs (Shaun) but it was pretty cool. I really liked the atmosphere. Very chill.

We finished dinner and saw this cool car outside TAPS.

Then we took a little walk and headed back to the apartment. We watched some Men in Black and then headed to bed. :) We have a big day tomorrow. We are going to the Hinterlands and we will be doing some nature walks :) I am pretty excited! That should mean lots of good pics too!!! ;)

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