Saturday, May 23, 2015

Friday Day 2/ Mom's Bday!

The parents got up early. They were nice enough to let me sleep. They got up and got in the hot tub on the roof. Then I got up. Mom and I had some cereal and we all took a walk. We walked up to Alex Head Beach. It is a pretty good walk for the morning! We came across lots of people working out and LOTS of dogs. I miss my dog.

The weather was a bit chilly with the wind but very pretty! We came back from our trek which did inclde some crying on my part (shockingly) when we came across a very moving memorial for war dogs killed in combat. We got back to the main drag in Mooloolaba and found a new brekky spot.

Another big brekky for Dad :) Mom and I had some tea :)

After brekky we headed to Coolum Beach. It is soooooooooo pretty. It even warmed u enough to wear just shorts and tank tops! Woohoo!

Did the basic Coolum walk from one side to the other. It was really nice weather for it!

On the beach end we came to bird tree! It was a tree literally filled to the brim with lorakeets! It was crazy! We actually found another tree with some too but not as many.

We grabbed some Kebab for lunch in Coolum then walked back up to the secluded spot.

After that we got back in the car. I wanted to take them to my favorite beach. Castaway Beach. I love it! There is hardly anyone there and best of all... everyone brings their dogs!! No leashes! It is so great! So we spent some time there and of course I loved on some dogs. ;)

After Castaway we headed back home to Mooloolaba. It was time to find a really good place for dinner... as it was my Mom's bday! ;) So we found a great Italian place and ate great food and watched a beautiful sunset!

Day 2. Success. Cheers ya'll!

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