Thursday, May 14, 2015

the little adventures :)

Monday morning 8 am class... cancelled! :) Yay! That is always a good start to any week :) I got to sleep in a bit so that was really nice! I headed to campus a couple hours before my class at 1 to get some work done in the library. I am so glad I did I found some kangaroos :)

Sustainability class was good. Nothing to write home about. Today I also started trying to plan a trip while Lindsey is here. She will meet up with me in Sydney then.... well that is the issue. We looked at New Zealand, but NZ is going to be pretty cold and a lot of the walking tours are closed in the winter. So may as well not do that. Then we looked at Bali and Fiji. Bali might be too much like Cabo... basically a big party with tons of young drunk tourists. That is not what I am looking for to be honest. Fiji is probably going to be too expensive. Lindsey brought up Darwin. It is in the Northern Territory of Australia. I haven't been. It looks pretty cool and it would at least be really warm. I think we might go to Cairns though. It is way north too and it has the great Berrier Reef and a pretty incredible looking rain forest. So we shall see.

After class I came home and Katja and I had our usual dinner. The old married couple strikes again. Then Raphael was cooking something in his dish.  He just kind of eats and refills the same dish.... so there might be some pasta and then he will add chicken then he will eat most of that and then add rice and cheese... anyway today he was adding an egg to his mess. For some reason he decided to toss an egg to Katja and have her catch it. She said no and turned around... so he threw it at her anyway... it hit her  in the back... it bounced off and cracked on the floor. We were dying laughing... who does that?!? Then she was looking at him laughing and he said 'catch' and tossed another egg... she darted to the left and it smashed on the floor too. Needless to say we were dying laughing and we had plenty of egg to clean up before our 3 month apartment inspection tomorrow. :) My crazy roomies...

Tuesday I went to the gym and then a group meeting and then class. It was such a nice day... as always... so I took some campus pictures :)

Class was less than thrilling...

Wednesday though was great! I had class in the morning then beach time!! I got there at 11:30 am and stayed until about 4:30 pm.

It was so nice! Allison came and joined me at 2 pm.

I am so proud of myself I even packed a lunch so I didn't have to go buy anything. Go me! :) I guess Katja is slowly wearing off on me. Usually I go to the beach  and I get hungry and she has food. So this time since she wasn't there I manned up and packed my own food :)

When I got back to the campus I met up with Marnie and Katja for dinner at the Brasserie. At the last second Silje invited us to her house for curry chicken . Of course that sounded great so we stopped and bought some wine, pita, hummus, and of course TimTams. We had a really nice little night :) It was a quick dinner and some talking then home to start some school stuff... since I had literally taken the entire day off....

Anyway now I am off to hike Mount Coollum and go to Coollum beach with Leah :) pics to come!