Friday, May 8, 2015

Classes and more week 9

Monday morning - another perfect day in Aus. Today as usual was a long class day. My sustainability class was very interesting though! We did an experiment on social structures and sustainability. Our 'family' was super poor in an already struggling economy in Peru. We tried to live right but we just weren't getting by. So we resulted in running from the 'bill collector' which involved physically moving around the room. After that we tried over and over to work for other families but no one would hire us. We started stealing. It got real. It was a pretty neat way to demonstrate dire situations and it was easy to see how and why people turn to life of crime. On a side note there was food :)

On a plus side though it is also rock climbing day! :) That is always fun. I may be getting slightly better... or maybe I am just pretty much where I am but it is fun either way! :)

After climbing Katja, Marnie, Tayler and I went to dinnner. We had Thai food in Mooloolaba. It was so good! :) We sat outside and enjoyed the weather and the full moon. After dinner we went to Lisa's to share a birthday drink with her. :) It was fun as always.

Tuesday I slept in then went to the library to meet my partner who stood me up Friday. He brought me chocolate... so all is forgiven :)

We got some work done then we met with the rest of the group and had that class and tutorial. It was a loooooong day of school. I think it felt extra long simply because it was soooooo pretty outside! Anyway I went home and went to the gym for a bit. Katja and I had dinner and I did a thorough cleaning: carpets, sheets, bathroom... everything. It is so nice now :) Then it was time for sleep. I have an 8am class Wednesday.

After class I headed off to the beach! I just couldn't not! It is so pretty and the beach is so close!

Katja and Lisa came to join me after a couple hours, Then Allison came too! It turned into a perfect little beach party. AND no one got burnt haha so that is a win too. We came home about 430. Gym time. Then dinner :) steak salad wrap anyone!? After that my evening was full of editing projects and papers for my foreign roomies. I edited Raphael's presentation and then Katja's paper. It was actually really exhausting!

Thursday Katja and I went to a new mall :) It is Kawana. It is only 15 minutes from us. We are a little embarrassed and ashamed that we had no idea such an awesome mall was so close!! It was a nice trip. I bought a cardigan to wear in the evenings because it is starting to get a little cool. Then we came home and hung by the pool a bit.

Katja's  parents got here!!! :) I taught my Zumba class which was so much fun everyone was sweating like crazy! I hope they are all sore ;) Then Raphael and I went to the beach to have a family dinner and meet Katja's parents!! They are so great. I like them alot. I am not surprised honestly... I mean I like Katja a lot so... it makes sense. After that we stopped in at Marius' mustache party birthday. :) It was really fun. Now off to bed so I can go to Brissy tomorrow to meet Kim! :)

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