Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Monday - Day 5 The Hinterlands/ Swimming

We started the day going to brekky J It made me think of home. My Grandma used to make us homemade cinnamon buns. This was good but nowhere near as good as hers.

Then we hit the road for the Hinterlands. The Blackall Mountains are so wonderful to drive through. We were just getting into the mountains when my mom saw these pretty yellow flowers.  She said ‘Those are so pretty I wish there were more’… We turned the corner and there were hundreds of thousands!

Then we got to our first stop – Mapleton Falls National Park. We went on a rainforest walk J It was so pretty! My parents had never been in a rainforest before! My Dad has been by one but the drug lords pretty much ruled it so no one went in… the men with guns discouraged tourists.

There was a GIANT tree! The roots were just ridiculous! I could hardly believe my eyes! I have never seen a tree that amazing!

We continued our walk. It was a little scary for them at some points… a bit small and windy… but it was good. It was about an hour walk. We saw some beautiful things and no one got bit or stung or eaten by anything. Oh! And we did not see any flying monkeys… my mom was a bit scarred by the Wizard of Oz.

Back in the car. The drive was so pretty. We went on a bit of a crazy road… well no… a Super crazy road. The map showed Obi Obi road with a tiny part marked as dirt with a little curve at the end. So…. That was not accurate. The dirt part was so long and maybe the most windy steep thing I have been on with no guardrails of course. They probably don’t have guardrails because it is scary and steep and you could get killed installing guard rails!

After the dirt road finished it was much better. At one point the road was only paved straight down the middle. A 2 way road only paved in the middle… good luck people. Luckily for us there was almost no traffic out there.

It was quite a beautiful majestic drive though. It was a great day for it!

Next we made it to Lake Baroon. The lake was super quiet and very pretty. We relaxed there and even saw a kookaburra! It was very pretty

When we got to Maleny it was time for lunch. We stopped and walked around the town a bit and gabbed some food.

Next stop: Gardner’s Falls. Kim and I had tried to find this last time but we missed it. This time we drove by it and came back at it. The sign is teeny tiny. No wonder Kim and I missed it! Anyway I am so glad we made it! It is just incredible! There were beautiful falls and some great plant life! My mom and I love the giant green fan looking things J

We were quite adventurous J

Then we hopped back in the car and headed back to Mooloolaba… not without some more awesome views though ;)

When we made it back to the apartment it was time for swimming! Only in Australia once probably so you HAVE to get in the water. It is starting to get colder but that didn’t slow them down!

They were surprised that they really weren’t cold when they got out. So that was pretty cool!

We went back to the apartment and got in the heated pool and hot tub. That was really fun. It was a perfect afternoon! We dried off and went for a beach walk.

Then it was time for dinner. We went to get the special drink of the week my mom had been interested in. It was a watermelon daiquiri. Very yummy. My Dad got a banana milkshake… weird… but very good. We also split and entrĂ©e (which is and appetizer) ciabatta bread. It was pretty much a small pizza cut into slices and stacked. Weird. Still pretty good.

Then we grabbed some dinner and took a short night beach walk. It was a great ending to a great day. J

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