Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mt. Coolum with Leah and Marcoola beach

Today was an adventure day for Leah and I. :) It was really nice I felt like I had not seen her in soooooooooo long. Katja was going to come with us but ended up getting stuck with school work. :( We had a  really good time anyway. We found the mountain really easily! I know I should know where it was since I had been  twice before... but I was really not paying attention... We only made one wrong turn so that is not bad :) Leah had never been to Mt. Coolum so it was a first for her.

Started at the bottom now we here...

As always it was a pretty hike... That said, I think I am allergic to something on that mountain though. Every time we go into the woods my windpipe feels like it shrinks 10 sizes... It is like I have to breathe through a straw... it is so weird.

So I hefted my butt up the mountain breathing through a straw... lol Also I think the lack of oxygen to my brain gives me a headache... or whatever I am allergic to gives me a headache.

It is so odd... once I get closer to the top and the trees and brush thin out and I can breathe again... Then the hike is no trouble at all! There is definitely something on Mt. Coolum that hates me. The more I think about it I probably should not go back up there... and I definitely won't take my parents. If I am allergic I guarantee my Dad will be.

It was beautiful as always and well worth the hike.

After that we headed to the beach. We had planned on changing to swimsuits and chilling on the beach, but it was a little chilly for that. So we stayed in our workout clothes and walked up and down Marcoola Beach.

My headache was gone pretty quick! :) We found a ton of shells :) It was such a gorgeous day! :)

We found a pippy... it was dead. Apparently they are like clams? We think? You can eat them... and they dig into the sand... So that was new!

Then when we came home I got the mail.... and I got a piece of mail from the USA!!!!!

It is always so exciting getting mail! Nicole sent me a very sweet card :) She is the best :) it made me cry.... I know I know... that is the opposite effect she was going for haha but I couldn't help it. I don't get very homesick here, I think because I am so busy all the time, but when I get stuff like that I miss my friends.

This afternoon Katja and I rode to the store with Raphael. Now we are just getting ready for a party tonight. :) Marnie and Silje are coming over and staying at our place :) It should be really fun! Then tomorrow Katja and I are off to Brissy!! She will get to meet Kim and we are even going to see her 'family' (the koalas). She has not been to Brissy yet so I can't wait to show her! It will be a fun trip!


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