Sunday, May 10, 2015

Adventure day with Kim! Stradbroke Island!

My day started out perfectly! I had a brekky sandwich and Kim gave me my Dr. Pepper I left at her place last time! Win! :) We set off early to catch the early ferry to Stradbroke Island.

It was such a pretty morning. It was a little cool but it warmed up quickly. We go so lucky with the weather!

So we hopped on the water taxi. It is a 25 minute ride to the island. The captain is so good! He parks that sucker like nobody's business!

We took some really pretty pictures on the boat.

I really very rarerly see the Australian flag here. It was nice that it was on the front of the boat waving in the wind. It was so pretty.

When we got off the boat we caught the buss to the northeastern part of the island.  We had no idea just how amazing it would be!

The weather was warming as we pulled in so we stopped in and got hats. Kim needed one becasue she had no sunglasses. I needed on becasue y'all know I don't like too much sun on my face. She got a cute hat and I got a visor. Yep a visor... havent owned one of those in years... so that is new!

We set off on the gorge walk... and ... WOW

I really wish these pictures did it real justice... The water was so clear and crystal looking. It was jsut perfect.

We even found a blowhole that was super loud!

The rocks were so many different colors it was so cool!! Red, pink, orange, gray, white, black... and some of them were sparkly! Which was even better! :)

I did have a bit of a sandal blow out... you may notice in most pictures I have no right shoe... it just fell apart. I felt very Australia walking around barefoot. Well I was half barefoot. I figured it was better to keep at least one foot protected... so crazy woman wandering around the rocks with one shoe... yep that was me.

Oh! and then we saw the biggest kangaroo either of us have ever seen! He was about 6 feet (3 meters) tall! and his legs were huge!!!! We were a little scared at first honestly, especially when he stood up fully and looked at us, but it turns out he didn't mind us. I thin they are pretty used to people. We didn't get too  close... but we got some decent pictures :) Mine is not great... but Kim got a few good ones.

After the gorge walk we went to the shops and I bought some thongs (flip flops). I really only needed on shoe but they made me buy 2.

We decided to wander up the beach.

We found a big stick. I though it was cool :)

The water though! SERIOUSLY?!?!? How is that real?!

I love this lifesaver. Ummmm what the hell??! There is no way if you fall in you will need this. There are so many rocks... Ummm nope. AND if you do meander out to the edge and get in to swim and you are drowning there is no way anyone could throw it far enough over the rocks to get you the life preserver... but it was fun to take pictures with... so that is something.

Then we had to head back. :( Only in Australia will you find dogs on buses. I am missing my dog so much! I swear every dog that came by today I had to pet and asked Kim if we could take him home.

I am telling you that captain is a boss with that boat!

We got back and grabbed some wine and pizza. So healthy right? We felt ok about it though... we walked all day and climbed big rocks... we deserve some wine and pizza!

Also we went to the redbox... well... Australia's equivalent... which is a greenbox. The machine was a bit temperamental but eventually we rented pitch perfect. It was a perfect way to spend the rest of the evening before we were both just too tired to do anything else. :)


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