Sunday, May 10, 2015

Navigating the buses and trains then a Rugby game!

I got up Friday and hit the road! I was headed to Brissy by bus and train combo. I have never been on the train here before so I knew it would be interesting... and it was ;)

So... I almost missed my bus... right off the bat...

But I didn't! :)

I got on the right bus! Go me! :) So I headed off to the train station in Landsborough. It is such a tiny little cute town. I really like it! I wish I would have had more time there honestly. It is a very quiet little town. Maybe I will go back sometime.

On the train! So... didn't know you had to scan your GoCard at the station... I boarded and... no scan thing... uh... now what?! I can't get off... I have to be on this train! So... I just got on and took a seat. I figured I would deal with it later. Haha ;) The guy across from me saw me trying to take a picture of the Glasshouse Mountains. They were on the opposite side of the train. He volunteered to take a picture for me. Very sweet.

I made some friends on the train. The picture guy and another guy who is in school in Brisbane for studio recording. He said if I want to come down and lay down some tracks he would help me do it! How awesome! I also met some people who were also headed to the rugby game. They were really nice and very helpful in the rugby department. Everyone was very kind and I loved it. We talked about traditionally Australian things and culture differences. Then a cranky old lady yelled at all of us. Technically we were in the 'quiet car' so we all shut up... but it was funny. Anyway we made it to Brisbane. When we got off I may or may not have snuck out of the train station... a bit.. I wanted to pay! It just wasn't labeled well...oh the struggle...

Kim picked me up from the train station and we went for Thai food. Then I bought a sweatshirt :) We went back to her place and she showed me the granny flat she has been working on just for me ;) Well maybe not just for me... but I have christened it now. It is so nice! I love it! I am ready to move in!

My new sweatshirt!

Kim and I set off for the rugby game. Neither of us had been to one before. I wanted to do something nice for her since she does so much for me. Plus Mother's Day is coming up ;) On the way we stopped for some cheap food at Macca's so we didn't have to buy stadium food ;) It cracks me up... even the wifi is labeled Maccas.

On our walk to Suncorp Stadium we found the coolest car. So... naturally... we became car models.

We cheered for the home team obviously... Go Broncos!!

Kim got a hat :)

Then Leah came! I was so excited! I couldn't believe she drove all the way down from the coast and all the way home after the game. Crazy girl.

So Rugby - You score 4 points when you cross the en-zone, 2 points for the extra kick through the poles after a score, and 1 point of you kick it through the poles without scoring first. Also each team gets 6 quick downs (when they take the player and ball to the ground) before the possession transfers. Teams usually kick on the 5th.

Also a score is a try. To if they attempt to score but dont make it... they almost tried. It is so funny it sounds so condescending like 'he didn't even try... eyeroll'. It was cracking me up. Oh you Aussies crack me up.

It was a really fun night! I am so glad we went. Now I can check that off the bucket list!

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