Saturday, May 23, 2015

The adventure begins! Welcome parents!!! :) Thursday Day 1

Thursday morning I actually woke up before my alarm. For those of ya'll who know me best.... that never happens. I got up at 4:50 am and headed to the bus stop at 5:35 am. Yep super early and I am super excited so I am awake! :)

The bus was a couple minutes late. Usually I wouldn't have cared but I knew my connection train was a 5 minute swap. I was hoping we made up some time. It is amazing how many people sleep on the bus. I would be way too scared I would miss my stop. Nonetheless lots of people were sleeping. It was kind of odd.

The bus made it to the train station 3 minutes late. This means I had 2 minutes to get off and get to another platform. Luckily I was in Roma Station yesterday so I had a basic idea of the layout. Yesterday I was rushed... today I ran. I found the stairs to my platform and I heard the train pull up as I was running up the steps. Perfect timing I got right on and I was off to the airport! :)

It was a quick trip but expensive trip to the airport. I guess they know people need to go there so the price is like 6 times going anywhere else in Queensland. Cute. That is not too kind Brissy. I love this city but what the hell is that about.

Anyway, I got there just as their plane touched down. Now time to wait.

They got through customs pretty quick! I was so excited! We went over and grabbed the rental car. That was a funny process. We went to the desk and the woman was like 'I am not sure this reservation is through us... it could be anyone really'. We just looked at each other and my Dad and I had to walk away... there was an envelope with our name on it literally right in front of us in huge letters. Her struggle was real. Anyway we got the car (with the GPS!) and headed out. Off to the Sunshine Coast!

Of course we had to stop for brekky!

Dad got a real Aussie brekky! He was pretty happy. They were doing remarkably well after the long travel! I was so impressed!

Then we got to the apartment. It is so nice! It is perfect. We are about 150 ft from the beach and have a great view. Also, we are in the penthouse! Woot woot! ;) It is only the 5th floor but we do have private access to the roof with the grill and hot tub! ;) So that is pretty sweet. Oh! And the pool is heated so that is really cool too!

We took a nice walk around Mooloolaba. My Dad and I were noticing all the snorkels. It is so odd. At home a snorkel is usually only on a hard core wheeler... here it is almost like stock. Crazy! So we took some pics for Robert.

It was such a pretty day for us to explore!

They are too cute... I know.

We had a big day walking around the area. We got some basic groceries and they were pretty tired pretty early. They tried to stay up but only made it until about 8. That is not too bad though honestly. Jetlag can be a beast! Honestly I am really impressed so far! They are doing great!

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