Friday, May 29, 2015

Glasshouse Mountains/ Koalas/ Brissy - day 7

I can't believe it is already time to head to Brissy! It feels like they just got here! Nevertheless this morning we grabbed some brekky and then off went to the Glasshouse Mountains. The drive there is really pretty. You go right by a few of them. We thought about hiking Ngugun, but we wanted to make sure we had time for the koalas later so we skipped it.

We followed Kim down to the lookout point. Well I guess I should say up to the lookout.

It is hard to describe how pretty it is up there, and even harder to show in pictures. The old volcano plugs really are something to see.

We walked around up there for a while.

The toilet was... special...

Then we headed down to Lone Pine Koala Reserve. As always it was very cool!

My parents were really excited about all the koalas!

They were actually really active! They were running around and jumping. They usually just sit there and sleep and eat, but it was almost feeding time so they were all over the place. We timed our trip perfectly!

Mom even held one. She liked it a lot! :) Dad was not into holding one.

We continued though the park. Of course we had to take a token distance to home picture :)

Then we got to the kangaroos! At first my parents were nervous, as my Dad has a rather odd history with animals... well my whole Wilson family really... so I can see the hesitance.

Eventually they relaxed and it was really nice! :)

We gabbed some lunch and found a hotel online to stay in in Brissy for the next couple nights. After that we finished walking through the reserve and headed to the hotel.

Once we got to the hotel we rested a bit then took a bus into the city. We walked aroundSouth Bank. I even sang ion the ampitheatre ;) Then we met up with Kim at the Thai place in South Bank. Dinner was good then we walked around a little down by the river. We even caught the City Cat. (of course)

The ride was really pretty!

After that we headed back to the bus stop and took the 301 back to the hotel for the night. It was a pretty eventful day! Everything really fell into place well! I couldn't be happier.

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