Friday, May 29, 2015

Tuesday Day 6 - Noosa

This morning was such a pretty day! We took a nice morning beach walk.The weather is warm enough to be comfortable in a swimsuit. Mom is working on her tan lines :)

After the beach walk and some brekky Kim drove up from Brissy. She is a great little tour guide. I was so happy to have some help. I have tried my very best to be the best tour guide I can be but I haven't been here THAT long either. Also 2 heads are always better than one anyway. We headed off to Noosa.

Noosa is known in Aus and around the world for the beautiful beaches and wonderful shopping on Hastings St. It is comparable to maybe Beverly Hills Rodeo Dr. Very shi shi. Dad and I were planning on spearfishing... but apparently we are not allowed. Darn. Plans are shot to hell. Also, just like everywhere in Oz... bush turkeys everywhere!

We had lunch at the Noosa Surf Club. Holy Cow! My mom and I split this huge seafood feast (of course my Dad with his seafood allergy did not partake).There were oysters. calamari, crab,scallops, shrimp, fish, fries, salad... just a ridiculous amount of food really.

It was soooooooooooooo good! It was some KIND of crazy feast! Yum!!

Then we went on a walk up the coast and around the top of Noosa Heads. We even saw a koalain a tree! A KOALA! In the wild!!! That was crazy. He was soooo high up in the tree I couldn't get a picture. I am so glad we saw one in the wild! I hadn't seen one yet! :) We also saw lots of other wildlife. Some of it was a bit too much. We came across LOTS of spiders! Ick. Welcome to Oz I guess.

We did see lots of very pretty spots though! We even walked through what reminded me of the forest in Beauty and the Beast. I am sure you know the one where the Dad is driving to the fair and he is telling the horse 'it is a shortcut'. The horse is like 'hell no that looks super creepy'. Anyway these trees are amazing in the daylight and I bet super creepy at night.

Also I keep thinking how funny it is that people here refer to Australia as Oz and my mom is very scared of flying monkeys. The Wizard of Oz scarred her as a child I think. It is actually kind of funny, but we are walking in Oz and some of the birds sound a bit like monkeys. She keeps saying the flying monkeys are coming. :)

We did quite a long walk actually. We went farther up the trail than Kim or I have ever been.

I even saw a sea turtle! ;)

After all the walking we figured it was time to head back. We stopped by my place to grab some clothes and drop off dirty ones. My parents got to meet Raphael and I got some clean clothes! Win! We also went to campus to look for kangaroos... but none to be found today. Sometimes they just are not there. :( I guess there was too much activity on campus for them today.

We drove back to the apartment and decided to head to dinner. We had a nice dinner by the water. There was one small struggle. Kim has a deathly allergy to nuts and they brought her a crepe full of nuts... so... there's that. Luckily she has a good eye and spotted one right away. I took her plate and fork and got rid of the coconut carmel berry nut crepe of death the beat way I could. I ate it. Then I bought her some TimTams ;) She deserves dessert too! ;) TimTams to the rescue!

After all that we walked by the beach some and headed home. We watched some Agatha Christie on TV then everyone hit the hay.

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