Monday, May 4, 2015

Rainy weekend on the Sunny coast

Friday was pouring down rain. I mean buckets just continually. It was so crazy. It is so pretty here you almost forget what bad weather looks like. I got up and Raph asked me if I wanted to ride along to watch the weaves. He was going to Cape Cartwright to walk out and check out the ocean swells. So of course I went.

Holy wind though! WHOO!

We ended up getting completely soaked.... but it was so worth it!! It was really fun.

That night I ventured to campus to meet with a group member. It was flooded everywhere and I almost fell on the wood walkway like 3 times. Future reference - don't wear cheap $1 flip flops on flooded wood pathways. It wasn't raining too bad on my over just really windy. I figured it was good timing and my partner would drive me home! Perfect. As I was almost to campus it started coming down. Up went the umbrella. At one point I had it turned completely sideways like a shield and then it popped up backwards.. ugh. The struggle was serious. Anyway I made to to the library...

He wasn't there. He forgot. So not only did we get nothing done, but I had no ride home. Perfect.

Now it was pouring again so I decided to wait in the library until it slowed down. I could do some work. It didn't slow down. Nope. Not at all. So I wrapped my bag containing my computer in the rain jacket I had from Katja and ventured out. I tried to hold the umbrella over the rain jacket wrapped computer as much as I could. I am sure I looked crazy. I was not wearing a coat walking through pouring rain holding a coat and and umbrella mostly over the coat. THEN I took my shoes off when I walked over the wood bridge this time. ;) See I am learning. That probably only added to the crazy look I was rocking.

Anyway I made it home. I was soaking wet! However, the computer was bone dry so it was a win :)

That was enough adventure for the night. Britt came over later and her, Raph, Katja, and I watched another terrible movie. Rockenroller. Don't watch it. Just don't. Britt left 1/2 way through. Jaksen came home and cooked his dinner then he sat down beside me and we finished the train wreck as a team. Haha

Saturday was so beautiful!!! Katja, Britt and I went to the mall. Sunshine Plaza was calling our name. Britt needed school clothes for teaching and Katja needed a gift for her mom's birthday. Luckily Katja and I are professional shoppers so we accomplished all of our goals :)

We got home and I went to the gym and took a little nap. Then it was time to go out! Katja and I made pizza for dinner then we got dressed. I even did her makeup :)  I was pretty pumped to finally go to Ocean St. Well not totally pumped... I was sleepy. I think the short nap might have been a bad idea. I tried to buy a diet coke but it gave me a coke. Then in the car I opened it and realized nope... not a coke... a vanilla coke... which I honestly didn't even know they made anymore. So that was a surprise.

We got to Sabrina and Christnyas and played Yatzee and drank. It was very fun actually :) Then while waiting for the cab we took some selfies obviously and had a dance party.

A good time was had by all. 2 hours later the cab finally came. By the time we got to Old Sol Katja and I were super sleepy so we didn't stay long. It was a very fun night though!

Sunday was so wonderful. I went to the beach. I went by myself... which was odd... it seems I never really do anything by myself here.

 I walked around the shops a bit and then sat on some rocks and watched the waves.

I even watched some crabs in the surf below me on the rocks.

There was a pretty big cloud... but it just passed by :) No worries mate ;)

Mostly I just layed out on the beach :)

 When the bus got back to campus I thought I would check to see if the kangaroos were on campus.

They were! :) so I stayed and hung out there for a little while before walking back to my apartment.

After that I went home and went to the gym. I felt like I needed a good work out after a lazy beach day. The sky was just so pretty I couldn't resist taking a picture.

Katja cooked! Pasta with homemade sauce! yummmm!! It was so good!! Carrots zucchini mushrooms... yum!

After dinner we took our 3rd shot at movie night. The last 2 were fails...American Beauty and Rockenroller... Tonight was great though! We watched The Guardian. I love it. It is so sad. I cried. A lot. I have seen it before, but not since it came out in 2006. It just made me so very thankful my brother decided not to be a rescue swimmer.

Anyway after the movie it was time to cut Raph's hair. He said he never had a shaved head so he wanted to try it. Katja and I were really nervous.

It looks so good though!!! I love it! :)

He is too cute. Well that was enough adventure for the night. I hit the hay because I have class at 8 am on Mondays.

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