Sunday, May 17, 2015

Katja and I go to Brissy and see koalas!

We decided to take a trip to Brissy to see Kim. I felt like it was odd that Katja had not met Kim yet and Katja had not been to Brissy... so why not!?!? We grabbed the bus and the train. It was much smoother this time! I am learning!

Kim picked us up at the train station and we went to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It was very cool as always :)

Katja was so excited! she loved the koalas!! She even held one named Finn :) I call Katja my little koala because she sleeps so much, so it was funny that she was visiting her 'family'.

At first she was nervous about getting close to the kangaroos but she got over it quick!

And there were kangaroo kisses :)

Then we went back to Kims. She still had her Mothers Day flowers. They are soooooo pretty! I just couldn't not include them in the blog :)

Then we went to Brissy and walked around and had some dinner. We ate at the Thai place again. Yum! Then we walked around on Southbank for little while. It was so pretty!

Of course I took her on the River Cat. :) It is just too pretty not to.

By the time we finally made it home to Kims it was after 10, which doesn't sound late, but we were both just beat! We all made a plan for the adventure on Saturday then showers and bed time! :)

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