Sunday, May 24, 2015

Saturday Eumundi and school - Day 3

This morning we got up and Mom and Dad were gone. So I went up to see if they were upstairs in the hot tub. They were not... but the birds were there!

I knew my mom really wanted a picture of them. Yesterday they did not get a picture. So I came down to grab my phone and my parents were back so they got to see them too! After that we headed down for brekky.

Brekky was great then Katja came. She came up and met my parents then we headed off to Eumundi Market. It is a giant market that happens twice a week. It is really cool! There are soooooooo many shops! It is crazy. We came upon a reptile tent. So very Aussie right?!

The market was really neat and I am so glad we went. My mom even got some hand made leather sandals. They were actually made specially for her! They did not have her size so he made them for her! How cool is that!?!

We had a lot of fun just walking around the market :)

Oh! And of course another big tree!

The music was pretty cool too :)

We bought custard apples. We thought we should try something very Australian. It was so gross feeling. SOOOO MUSHY! Ick! The taste wasn't too bad. It was kind of like a banana... a really weird banana...

After that we went back to Mooloolaba and headed out to lunch. Dad wanted a burger so we stopped at the first place we found with burgers... we ended up all getting the traditional Aussie burger. It has beet root on it. It is sooooooo good! We were all really impressed.

Best part... it came with chocolate milk! ;)

All happy faces ;)

And happy plates! :)

We took a walk around Mooloolaba for bit. I am so glad we did I needed some movement in my life after that burger! Then we drove to my apartment.

My parents got to meet Britt and see my place. Then we walked to campus. They got to see my usual walk to school. We stumbled upon some kangaroos within about 1 minute of being on campus. It was perfect!

We finished our walk all over campus and to the stadium. After the walk we stopped at the grocery store and headed home. Of course we had to try some TimTams!

We took a little night walk to help them stay up longer. :)

Cheers ya'll! ;)

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