Saturday, March 7, 2015

Friday - DR, Wallabeys, and Crepe

Friday morning I got up and went to the doctor to get my test results. My neighbor Paddy took me over. Good news! My rash is headed out! Weird news we still don't know why. Whatever though as long as it it leaving :) After that I went down to campus and ran some errands. I paid part of my tuition, talked to the gym about teaching Zumba, and I saw some Wallabys. There were just chilling on campus this time. Not even in that wildlife reserve area! They were right in front of the library.

I came home from my adventure it was cooking time in my little mini UN house! Yay! Raphael cooked us some Crepe. Who better to have coook you a crepe than  a Frenchman??!? BTW don't say crepes. Don't say 'crepes' they will laugh. I also am so terrible at speaking French. I try but it is like my mouth is too big for those tiny words. Also I have a weird habit of raising my hand like an Italian chef when I say crepe. I can't help it. It is like a spasm. Haha I love my roommates.

We are about to head out camping for the weekend. That should be really fun!! Katja, Lisa, and I went shopping and got some meal bars and bug spray. We also made some yummy looking pasta salad with all kinds of veggies in it. Jaksen let me borrow his sleeping bag/ tent thing... so me setting that up should be interesting. :) I will let ya'll know how that works out. ;)

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